Important news! Abe Drayton has a doggy, and she’s frolicking in parklands that are probably full of spiders. No spiders seen, but he was probably distracted by the big mammal.


  1. mailliw says

    According to legend, Scottish independence hero Robert the Bruce was inspired to persist following a defeat at the hands of the dastardly English, after observing spider in a cave trying again and again to construct a web, before eventually succeeding.

  2. KG says


    Was that before or after he invited his rival for the Scottish throne, John Comyn III of Badenoch, to a meeting at the Church of the Greyfriars in Dunkeld, then stabbed him to death in front of the high altar (or according to some accounts while he clung to it for protection)?

    Note: I support Scottish independence, campaigned for it in the 2014 referendum and hope to do so again, but hanging the idea on veneration of a murderer and turncoat (he had actually pledged allegiance to Edward I) is not a good idea!

  3. mailliw says

    KG @4

    Well, the whole spider thing is probably a myth anyway.

    I confess I am/was English, originally from the Newcastle though I live in Bavaria nowadays and have German citizenship (I still have a valid British passport in a drawer somewhere).

    Some of my friends in North-East England would welcome Scotland being extended down to Hadrian’s Wall should you gain independence.

    We used to go on holiday to Galloway when I was a child and walked passed the Bruce stone at Loch Trool on our way to walk up Merrick.