Does anyone on FtB think Rowling has a point? No.

The Geeky Humanist has weighed in on l’affaire Rowling, and comes to the same conclusion most people have: Rowling is wrong about everything. I warned Sarah that posts about Rowling are a magnet for obnoxious trolls, but you know how it goes: Someone Is Wrong On The Internet, it must be addressed.

You know, HJ and Brinkman and GAS have also been punching up at a certain rich TERF, and then I noticed that Rhiannon was on the case before the Screed was published, and Caine had Rowling pegged 3 years ago.


  1. says

    Fuck, I miss Caine. It’s weird; I never met her, know almost nothing biographical about her, don’t even know what she looked like. But I feel like I knew her and I miss her not-taking-any-shit-ness.

  2. cormacolinde says

    Regarding that post about Depp – although at the time, it seemed like he was abusing his girlfriend, and that defense sounds rather hollow and self-serving, evidence came out a bit later that his girlfriend was in fact abusing HIM as well as gaslighting him and faking abuse. Video evidence clearly showing her abusing him came out. Weird, I know, and doesn’t excuse Rowling’s behavior in any way.

    Just thought I’d update people on this critical news item. /s

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    cormacolinde — You mean tape came out showing him manipulating her into losing her shit and then claiming to be the victim. You forget he’s a talented actor, and how abusers actually work.

  4. snark33sian says

    @ cormacolinde : Are you going to mention the text Johnny Depp sent to Paul Bettany regarding Amber Heard in 2013? The ones that I can’t quote here because they need multiple trigger warnings? ( Do not google those texts if graphic descriptions of violence against women trigger you, Pharyngulites ) Naaah, you won’t.

  5. chrislawson says


    Off-topic and enabling domestic violence. Not a good first impression.

  6. rrhain says


    You mean tape came out showing him manipulating her into losing her shit and then claiming to be the victim.

    Did you honestly just use the “You made me hit you” excuse? That’s precisely what abusers do. “I didn’t want to hit you but you manipulated me and made me hit you.”

    You forget he’s a talented actor

    And Heard isn’t? Her legal team, which included Roberta Kaplan, just quit. The published reason is travel expenses due to the pandemic, but I should think that as high-profile an attorney in the Times Up movement as Kaplan might be more accommodating.

    Consider the possibility that they’re both fucked up.