Need to see the grandkids, but work is getting in the way

I have a frantically overloaded day ahead of me, so I’ll have to leave you with a picture of a happy granddaughter.

Here’s a less happy photo of our grandson, who was hospitalized for croup.

But the happy news is that he’s all better now!


  1. Badland says

    Just when you figure you can relax for your kids the next generation rolls around.

    Welcome to grandfatherhood PZ, to love is to care. Seriously cute photos by the way

  2. murder britches says

    Yay better!

    (This is the nym associated with my Google “domain” account haha, I found it humorous, kind of an old family joke.)

  3. magistramarla says

    Awww, poor little guy! They do bounce back quickly at that age, though.
    Your granddaughter is such a charmer.