Unseemly gloating on Sunday!

Mark your calendars! This Sunday, 23 February, at 6pm Central time, the victorious defendants in that ridiculous SLAPP suit will be gathering on YouTube to serve tea and mock the silly plaintiff and just generally have a good time celebrating getting out from under the legal action (if not the legal debt). We’ll spill the inside dirt on the ugly affair and laugh and maybe get a little bit inebriated and also try to answer people’s questions about the whole mess.

You can join in the chat, too — we’ll post links to the live YouTube event later, here and on The Orbit and maybe on the Skepticon blog, and encourage everyone to chime in with your comments. Even the haters…it’s always nice of you to show up and get giggled over.

It’ll look just like that.


  1. =8)-DX says

    Darn it that’s 1 AM for me. Actually I’m usually up then, a bottle of wine and ample gloating sound like a lot of fun!