Watch the planet breathe

This is a dramatic video of arctic ice growing and shrinking.

It was presented at Davos, as if those rich assholes matter. We should spend less effort trying to persuade the wealthy to do the right thing, and more effort stripping the wealthy of their power. Let’s make the rich irrelevant!


  1. jack16 says

    Perhaps the wealthy think of the extinction of the human race as a glorious finale to their own existence.


  2. George says

    It’s too late for the Carbon Tax anyway. That was an Idea from 25-30 years ago that might have made a difference at the time. But now we need more drastic measures.

  3. says

    A carbon tax allows the rich to keep flying their jets, so long as they pay more – which they can do. Its the poor that won’t be able to pay the tax. Well what else do you expect a bunch of millionaires at a ski resort to come up with?

  4. komarov says

    Having to update world maps every so often as borders and names change is one thing. But if you have to keep replacing globes it might be time to think about why that is.

    Re: Marcus Ranum (#3):

    I’m sure there’ll always be Perfectly Good Reasons to exempt the worst (and most lucrative) offenders. Tax airlines? Can’t do that, everything would be too expensive. Carbon tax on coal power? The country would go dark!

  5. mailliw says

    Davos, where arsonists gather to discuss how they can make a profit from putting out the fires they started.

  6. mailliw says

    @F.O. #4

    Climate change has resulted in more avalanches and landslides in the Alps. If one should happen to descend on Davos..

  7. unclefrogy says

    we ain’t going to do anything that seems pretty clear by now the economics of things will and are changing the old way of generating and using power are becoming too expensive and we are moving to more affordable ways of doing things, More efficient use of electricity better insulation and more efficient heating and cooling and all that. It will not be enough to stop the catastrophe coming. It is moving too slow for us to really notice day to day most people have little awareness of what it really means to be life on earth or that there are actual processes that are interconnected that make the planet the way it is, their daily awareness does not include “nature ” at all.
    the balances are changing to what, we will see but it will not be the same as before . I am not depressed over it really kind of like when fall comes and winter then looks bleak and dead but spring is on the way only we can not see what that spring may be, what new things will come though some things will not make it through the winter.
    one could ask but how do you get rid of the Czar once upon a time? a way was found though
    uncle frogy

  8. says

    Wow. I was watching it and I wondered why I didn’t see much net change. There was lots of pulsing, but it seemed to be hovering around the same point… And then suddenly it went very quickly.

    There was a drop around 1989-90 (if you look at the graph in the top left) and then something seems to have shifted in the early 2000s to really set things off.

  9. psychomath says

    Short of bloody revolution, I don’t know what would make the elites change course towards a sustainable future. The fact that there isn’t a strong enough organized left, yet, to actually win a revolution were one to happen suggests that our future is going to be pretty disappointing.

  10. DanDare says

    Carbon tax reduces use. It doesn’t matter if the rich still get to use it.
    Heavier progressive taxation and proper tax avoidance prevention will help balance things.
    Better focussed spending of tax income to support renewables and reduce poverty will also help.
    Strangely all these things are hated by the conservatives.