1. harryblack says

    I could have listened to another hour of this.
    I didnt realise he was SUCH a hypocrite. I just thought he was a smug, arrogant and elitist islamophobe who doesnt understand science.

  2. Rob Grigjanis says

    Couldn’t get far because, as you say, Maher’s combination of ignorance and smugness is just too much to bear for long. He doesn’t seem able to grasp an obvious fact; if enough kids get vaccinations, some of them will be diagnosed with autism (or pretty much anything else) in the next week. There should be a study on how many kids are diagnosed with autism the week before their vaccination, but he’d probably think that means autism causes vaccinations.

  3. says

    I am glad Cody Johnson and Kay Stoll are starting to attract people’s attention after the Cracked threw away their successful video division.

  4. imback says

    Note that smugnorance has a few hundred hits on google, an urban dictionary entry, and a twitter hashtag already. Also, looking up smugprickery on urban dictionary gives “Looking, acting, talking, smelling, or ageeing with Bill Maher.” Probably they meant agreeing, or maybe aging?

  5. Ridana says

    I like Cody’s points, and appreciate his research and putting shit together, but I do wish he was just a wee bit more coherent in the putting together part. Thirty minutes of “This thing and that other thing, but wait, I’ll get back to that other thing in a minute,” is really wearing. I don’t even know if he ever did get back to all the things he was going to get back to later.

    Katy Stoll used to do a fair bit of that too, so I’m not sure if this is an artifact of her style when writing for him, or his style when writing for her.

  6. Joé McKen says

    Enjoyed the vid. My only quibble is that Cody spends the first half or so talking about how Maher allegedly thinks overweight people don’t deserve single-payer healthcare – or any healthcare? He’s a bit unclear – because (Maher thinks) being fat makes them unhealthy anyway. And I don’t think Maher actually said that? His argument (smugnorantly stated) was that obesity levels put a strain on the healthcare system, not that obese people shouldn’t have healthcare at all. Unless I badly misunderstood him, anyway. So I wasn’t sure what Cody was talking about there.

    Aside from that, a solid video, and he’s certainly spot-on regarding everything else.

    @4 Sad Oldguy – Sadly, their video section wasn’t successful – that is, it didn’t make much money – as they were another victim of Facebook’s fucking around with video view counts back in the day that made it look like videos posted there made a lot more bank than they did. When the scam was exposed and Cracked saw how much money they’d lost they had to shutter their video section, Cody’s Showdy along with it.

    The lesson, of course, is Fuck Facebook.

  7. jimboforreason says

    I don’t get tall the hate over Bill Maher. 1) He is a comedian, 2) yes, he can be callous and untactful, but newsflash: the US has an obesity epidemic and it is largely due to Americans eating way too many calories, especially empty calories. Stating that Americans eat too much crap is an evidence-based claim and worthy of inclusion in a free-thought forum. You can call it fat-shaming…I call it someone stating an obvious fact that yes, might be insensitive to an extent, but is none-the-less a valid health claim. 3) Yes, he gets certain science stories wrong, like vaccines are dangerous (they are not when compared to the threats that certain communicable diseases pose to the overall population… although they are dangerous to the tiny, tiny percentage of kids that have adverse reactions) and having quacks on his show like the one that claimed he cured Charlie Sheen of AIDS (and injected himself with Charlie’s blood to prove it). But this hatred of him for ‘smugness’ seems a bit gang-related. When he takes down the enemies of truth (the GOP, our lying, cheating, POTUS, etc.) week after week, in hilarious ways, I give him a bit of a pass on his short-comings. And 4) he is a comedian (felt the need to say it again).