Is it too early to decorate for Christmas?

Because I’m getting some ideas.

Too soon maybe? Shall I wait until after Thanksgiving?


  1. wzrd1 says

    Think it’s a bit under done.
    The doll really cries out for being more properly and safely retained by a leghold trap.

  2. says

    I’m just recovering from the War on Remembrance Day and now I have to think about decorating for the War on Christmas? At least you Americans get to have your War on Thanksgiving as a buffer.

  3. raven says

    The Zombie Nativity | Buy Your Zombie Nativity Today

    The Zombie Nativity is sure to top any list of the weirdest and best Christmas gifts. NOTE: The Zombie Nativity set is sold as the 5 figures only – the creche/barn …

    Nativity scenes have been done to death and are a boring cliche.

    However, you can buy a small size all Zombie nativity scene.
    Etsy has a few from $6.00 to $35.00.

    My idea was an all dinosaur nativity scene.
    They’ve been done also.

    I did figure out how to do a yard lifesize all Halloween nativity scene.
    It’s just like the pictures PZ posted.
    When the Halloween decorations go on sale for half price buy whatever statues you want.
    Dress them up in Xmas decorations and costumes and you are done.
    This is a low skill activity that anyone can do.