1. says

    I didn’t even notice what day it was. Are they not doing the mattress sale thing anymore? I mean really that’s the only way I ever knew about it before.

  2. mikehuben says

    Today we can celebrate the triumph of the indigenous Ecuadoreans over the upper class Lenin Moreno government. Moreno adopted IMF austerity policies which essentially doubled the cost of gas and diesel, and reduced the salaries of government employees 20%. The indigenous peoples (a minority of about 7%) flocked to the capital to protest and essentially shut down all the roads with blocades. But more importantly, they walked into the Amazonian oil camps en masse and shut them down peacefully. The Moreno government’s PetroEcuador had to shut down the oil pipeline, and they were losing roughly $10 million per day. Last night, Moreno rescinded the policies. After 10 days of blocades, the streets are clear and traffic is flowing normally.

    The amazing this is how little violence there was. Both the indigenous groups and the government were very restrained.

  3. unclefrogy says

    how this discovery by Europeans and by whom and the resulting conquest is indeed deplorable and should be commemorated far more solemnly as one does a funeral.
    The conquest and succeeding destruction and domination of the first born inhabitants is tragic.
    At the same time and in light of all of what has gone before my ancestors who fled europe Ireland and Germany are grateful for the chance to try something new.
    Out of all of that came an experiment and a beginning based on some of the best ideas from the ancients and the new world indigenous people, We The People, and rejected the tradition of authority that had been in practice for thousands of years.
    that revolution has been engaged in and is not yet completed there is still struggle.
    I take from the civil rights movement this attitude and personal motto
    Keep your eye on the prize hold on.
    uncle frogy

  4. Ragutis says

    Ok, fine. “Fuck Columbus”.

    Woo Hoo!

    When has any current candidate for President said fuck-all about the issues of indigenous Americans?

    Fine. It’s all about votes. I get it. But if you’re willing to discuss reparations for slavery in a debate, maybe you should remember that there’s a group of more than 5 million potential voters hoping to see someone finally give a shit about them.