You can’t make it to Dragon Con, either?

I’ve never gone — it’s always scheduled to overlap with our first week or two of classes, so no, I can’t justify playing hooky to go to Atlanta with a bunch of weirdos. Fortunately, this year the skeptic track is being streamed live, so you could sit back in your easy chair in some remote part of yankeedom and enjoy it anyway.


  1. kome says

    I used to love going to D*C. But eventually it got too crowded for me to feel comfortable there, and I’ve moved further away from Atlanta than when I first started going so it’s also more expensive now. The Skeptic track was always amazing. Thanks for sharing that it’s going to be streamed! This is a very nice surprise.

  2. says

    These days the best way to cut a bunch of cost is to grab a Air BnB and use Uber to go back and forth, or find a Air BnB close enough to one of the big hotels that is on the free Dragon Con shuttle system. :)