I get YouTube comments

Comments on YouTube are often superfluous noise — many of them are by people who didn’t bother to watch the video, but are simply insisting on their right to add a noxious ingredient to the toxic soup simmering in that section. This one is no exception. It has nothing to do with my video, but…there it is.

did this joker put the sun in the sky – did this joker separate night from day – light from darkness did this joker put the planets in rotation- did bacteria create the sun that gives you life- the people that run this planet believe in Satan. if Satan exists does god also not exist. If the bible or god is not about morals why do the commandments tell us not to kill not to steal not to lie not to commit adultery if these are not principles of morality what is. Whether or not Jesus existed is not the point it is the message that counts not the messenger .Do you not believe in forgiving those that have harmed you. Do you not believe in being charitable – then why do so many humans help each other out in times of need, such as in natural disasters. What has any scientist ever done for humanity. They cannot even cure a common cold. Their is only. one good scientist that was Nicholai Tesla

I’ve seen this obsession with Nikola Tesla before. He was a great engineer and an interesting scientist, with a lot of weird ideas late in life that didn’t really pan out, but fueled his popularity as an iconoclast, and also led a lot of people to ascribe mystical ideas to him. Unfortunately for them, Tesla also said, “what we call ‘soul’ or ‘spirit,’ is nothing more than the sum of the functionings of the body. When this functioning ceases, the ‘soul’ or the ‘spirit’ ceases likewise.” I guess he was a servant of Satan, too.


  1. raven says

    What has any scientist ever done for humanity.

    Science created the modern world. It and they took us from the stone age to the space age.

    This guy isn’t very bright.
    He is using the products of science such as computers, the internet, and YouTube to…deny that science has ever accomplished anything valuable for humans.

  2. Athywren - not the moon you're looking for says

    What has any scientist ever done for humanity. They cannot even cure a common cold.

    To be fair to them, most scientists aren’t immunologists… if immunologists are the kind of scientist I’m assuming they are…? I don’t know. Biology scares me at the surface level, when it gets all complicated and specialised, I just sort of run away and hide.
    Even if they were, isn’t “the common cold” about a million different varieties of virus? Or maybe it’s thousands? Or billions? Again, biology is scary and I don’t know. Anyway, point is, “they cannot even [tackle an actually gargantuan and constantly changing task]” isn’t all that great of a put down, at least to my mind.
    I’m also quite sure Tesla never cured the common cold, so what COULD he do, huh?!? I mean aside from the obvious things which are quite interesting but have almost no application to the treatment of colds. I’m a fan of alternating current.

  3. says

    Well, apart from heat, and light, and broadcasting, and computers, and disease control, and safer food, and cars, and planes, and medicine, what have the bleeding scientists ever done for us?

  4. says

    Do you not believe in forgiving those that have harmed you.

    No, unless they show they’ve earned that forgiveness and are genuinely contrite. The cult of forgiveness in Christianity is toxic and puts the onus on victims to let victimizers off the hook.

    Also I’m allowed to believe that God doesn’t exist if you believe question marks don’t exist.

    What has any scientist ever done for humanity. They cannot even cure a common cold.

    Ah, yes. The common cold. The only disease ever inflicted on humanity. Small pox? A pox on people who think it was driven to near extinction! Polio? Don’t make me LOLio!

  5. Curious Digressions says

    That certainly in a lot of disconnected statements and questions.

    @5 – NOTHING!

  6. Ed Seedhouse says

    I guess the scientists were too busy eradicating smallpox and polio and drugs that cure pneumonia and bubonic plague and forgot the really important killers like the common cold…

  7. says

    “Sure, you did A, B, C, D, E, F, and G… but you never did X for us!”

    As Daniel Greenburg put it in “How to Be a Jewish Mother” (from imperfect memory):
    Buy your son two sport coats as a gift. The first time he wears one of them in your presence, shake your head sadly and say “The other one you didn’t like.”

  8. Sastra says

    Huh. A comment which couples boilerplate conservative Christian talking points with it-doesn’t-matter-if-Jesus-existed and the New Agey love of Tesla. Could have been worse then.

  9. microraptor says

    Didn’t Tesla deliberately make stuff up in order to trick Edison into chasing dead-ends?

  10. says

    I get YouTube comments

    In the same way one “gets” food poisoning and… colds, now that you mention it, one presumes. They are all about as enjoyable as one another.

    As someone who is an electronic engineer by training (though I’ve mostly worked as a computer programmer for nearly all my career), Tesla-stans piss me off no end. His genuine contributions to our world, like AC power generation and distribution, get lost amidst all the death-ray conspiracy-mongering nonsense.

  11. wcorvi says

    I read once (don’t remember the source):
    If science disappeared from human memory we would soon be living in caves again; if religion disappeared, no one would notice.

  12. wzrd1 says

    OK, thanks where it’s due.
    Than God for smallpox, thank Jenner for variolation.
    Thank Tesla for alternating current and the AC induction motor, as well as a bladeless turbine, thank Edison for electrocuting an elephant.

  13. zetopan says

    What have the romans ever done for us?

    It is not uncommon for some YouTube commenters to be absolutely stupid on an industrial scale.

  14. zetopan says

    @Cat Mara:
    “His genuine contributions to our world, like AC power generation and distribution, get lost amidst all the death-ray conspiracy-mongering nonsense.”

    And also the moronic perpetual motion, free energy, and over unity efficiency cult members. Numerous examples of these are also readily available on YouTube.

  15. zetopan says

    “did this joker put the sun in the sky”

    Arrogant ignorance on display. The sun was never “put into the sky”. The sun formed first and the then Earth and other rocky planets formed shortly afterwards by accretion. At one point the Earth was even impacted by a Mars sized body forming multiple moons and the two moons eventually accreted forming our single moon (the Moon’s far side is thicker due to accretion with the second smaller moon). Science solved that sequence with solid evidence, while religion pretends to know all of the answers by dreaming that one or more allegedly ultimate magicians created everything or some other equally moronic fables.

  16. John Morales says

    zetopan, John Cleese was funny and is opinionated, but he’s a bit of a dinosaur.
    And he’s certainly no sage.

    (for example, google this string: John Cleese pc)

  17. DLC says

    Tesla was not all that popular or widely known in his own time. He did some weird stuff, but much of what people think he did is hype created by people who have an ulterior motive for doing so. (They want to sell stuff, usually)

  18. says

    My most eccentric teacher was my electronics teacher, who believed that there’s a lake up in Canada that regularly emits disk-shaped puffs of energy that go straight up to who-knows-where, which can push an aircraft aside. He told me this in all seriousness. He also believed that Tesla had made a device the size of a pack of cigs that generated a force field around you that would make you untouchable.

    I sometimes wonder what he’s doing now, that teacher. A flawed human being, but rather interesting. Last time I saw him, he was keeping the pinball machines in working order at an arcade in town and had let his hair get long.

  19. rietpluim says

    In most stories it is pretty clear who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.
    The Bible is no exception.
    Hint: it is not the protagonist who is the good guy.

    Why people are always so upset about Satan is beyond me.

  20. zenlike says

    @John Morales (20)

    And don’t forget his pro-Brexit stance, followed by his leaving the UK when it became apparent the Brexit was going to be a shitshow. Thanks, Cleese! Can you finance the relocation of non-millionaires who can’t afford to move out and were anti-Brexit in the first place too? Nah, just screw everyone else.

    Yeah, he is an incredibly funny guy (as long as he doesn’t appear in a scripted US sitcom), and had some good insights in the past, but is really fast entering “irrelevant old man yelling at clouds” territory.

  21. madtom1999 says

    Tesla’s ‘disciples’ really piss me off. I did my degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and its about half way through the first term where have covered everything Tesla tried and you can see why he failed. Admittedly he was at the forefront at the time and can be excused for barking up the wrong tree but the conspiracy theorists that come up with ‘government and business cover ups’ are just that – conspiracy theorists.

  22. madtom1999 says

    #20 John Cleese is a dinosaur? Pointy at the front, fat in the middle and pointy at the end?

  23. kaleberg says

    In his afterlife Tesla has attracted some weird followers. Was it his weird vision of the AC motor? It was a lot like Kekule’s mystical vision of the benzene molecule, seen in a half dream, floating in space. Was it his Tesla coils, a staple of horror movie laboratories for generations? Was it his cordless neon lamps powered by high frequency AC transmissions to give off an unworldly, uncanny glow?

    Tesla did a lot to make AC power usable, and AC power has all sorts of advantages if you don’t have semiconductors. Of course, now that we have big fat semiconductors that can shift voltages at industrial scales, DC is making a big comeback. For example, electric cars like the Tesla are all DC inside.

    P.S. Aren’t Youtube comments almost proverbial in their wretchedness and stupidity? Complaining about Youtube comments is like diving into a septic holding tank and being surprised to find fecal matter.