They’re not all fools down in Kentucky

Some sure are, like Ken Ham and his crew, or that bozo Bevins, but it’s also home to well-respected universities where they teach good science and groan about the clowns besmirching their reputation. The University of Kentucky recently put up a plaque honoring past faculty who fought against anti-scientific nonsense.

Note also in the comments that Joe Felsenstein points out that TH Morgan was a Kentuckian. Would that more citizens of Kentucky would take pride in their distinguished son than in the Australian weirdo who exploited cheap land and biddable public servants to erect a monument to folly — and his pocketbook — in their state.


  1. nomdeplume says

    “prohibit the teaching of evolution” – and they are still at it all over America nearly a century later. Oh, and prohibiting any mention of climate change, or any mention of sea level change associated with climate change, or the age of the Grand Canyon. As the Catholic Church discovered, banning the teaching that the Earth circles the Sun doesn’t actually prevent the Earth moving.

  2. weylguy says

    #2 Several counties in east coast states have banned the use of terms such as “climate change” and “rising sea levels” as well. When their coasts flood, they’ll blame it on God’s punishment for their failure to kill all abortion doctors, blow up all family planning clinics and shut down librul universities (like U. Minnesota at Morris).

  3. dbinmn says

    Is it written as “insitution” at the end of the first paragraph on the plaque, instead of institution?

  4. bassmanpete says

    Ken Ham was born in far north Queensland which is the Australian equivalent of your Bible Belt. I think there’s something about tropical climates that fries the brains of people of European descent. I lived up there for 4 years but got back to Victoria before too much damage was done.