On our way home

We’re in the midst of our trek from Denver to Morris, Minnesota, and we are sad. We had a lovely week with our two month old granddaughter, here in the arms of her grandmother.

Maybe she’s not so disappointed at our departure.

Kidding! She was a good little girl the entire time we were there, and we thought about smuggling her home with us. Here’s a nicer picture of Iliana sitting at the restaurant table like a serious adult.

Now we just have to figure out how to find the time to go back again.


  1. gypsymotopilot says

    I can comprende your delight. I am now a great grandpa to a 15 month old girl. She’s just learning to walk and moves like a sidewinder. She’s coming over for the weekend next week (here in western Washington, BTW) and Xmas presents (cultural event vs religious event) are going to be fun. Hope you get to see your grand daughter again soon.

  2. magistramarla says

    Awww – She’s such a pretty baby!
    We have a lot of traveling to do to see our grands. I have the local 9yr old grandson staying with me this weekend.
    We made a gingerbread house and cookies! I’ve got him just about sugared up enough to send home.
    We’ll fly out to California to see the two little girls, and their adult big brother will fly out there, too.
    When we get back, we’ll make a quick trip to Houston to see the two grandsons who live there.
    That just leaves the two grandsons who live in Denver. We’ll have to plan a trip there when we (and our bank account) have recovered from all of this traveling.
    I’m so glad that all of our kids are successful and tend to live in interesting places.