Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowgirls

Waylon & Willie had something to say about this.

Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
Don’t let ’em pick guitars or drive them old trucks
Let ’em be doctors and lawyers and such
Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
‘Cause they’ll never stay home and they’re always alone
Even with someone they love

Well, also, doctors and lawyers have a strong economic advantage over cowboys, who don’t get paid much. It’s not a wise career decision.

But it does have one advantage, the image. Cowboys are the personification of American manliness.

And the girls are going to take that away, too. Felice House is repainting iconic cowboy images with women in them. Shocking, I know. But they look amazing.

Quick! Someone inform them that if there is one job that would pay worse than women’s work, it’s gotta be cowgirl.


  1. methuseus says

    Why is it shocking? Because people haven’t done it before? Looks pretty cool to me, at least better than any of the western men they are copying. I like these better than your average cowboy paintings and pictures.

    In the article she says she had to strip the usual sexiness from the women’s images. I think the paintings have a sexiness to them, in that the confidence they portray can be sexy.

  2. The Science Pundit says

    Of course most actually cowboys were the cheapest labor ranchers could buy. In other words, a lot of them were, and still are, Mexican.

  3. microraptor says

    The Science Pundit @3:

    Or black, or Native American. The “Wild West” was an ethnically diverse place. Hollywood in the 50s, not so much.

  4. kestrel says

    I love these. Hollywood forgot that women were there, too, so women were not in their portrayals. About time they got put in.

  5. angela78 says

    Oh, great. This is exactly what we needed: to be represented in the same machist ways as males.
    Thank you very much, this is how we’ll reach equal consideration…

  6. angela78 says

    @10 Lofty
    Really? ’cause what I see is people trying to look cool and tough and don’t-mess-with-me.
    Or do you think that all cowboys movies are about peasants doing their jobs with cattles, spading manure, milking cows etc?

    The only thing that is missing here is a cowgirl shooting at some evil redskin.

    Equal treatment doesn’t mean that we should behave like assholes just because the male guys did it in the past.