1. DataWrangler says

    As soon as I saw the title, I knew it had to be Gwyneth. Clearly she was ill; I hope her suffering was slight and brief.

  2. komarov says

    So, corpses woven into the crib, severed heads all over the place. Could it be that instead of dementia spiders suffer insanity or bloodlust in old age? It wouldn’t be totally out of character.

    “Microscopy” might be a hitherto unrecognised stage of grief. Anyway, she looks so peaceful now. Not at all like a ravenous monster raising an army all by herself.

    Incidentally, while it might seem redundant perhaps here, for those of those of us uncomfortable with spiders (to any degree) by, including some large spider-warnings might be helpful. You can tell there are going to be spiders reading the blog, here but on youtube…?

  3. komarov says

    Well, editing my posts to death is my way of coping with life, death and all the trivia in between. Sorry.

  4. weylguy says

    Don’t weep, Dr. Myers, as she’s in a better place now, gulping down all the cricket shakes she can make with her neurotoxins. And as they die, those crickets also go to a better place, munching on the smaller critters they so loved in life. And those smaller critters are also in a better place …

  5. chuckonpiggott says

    Surely you could have found a nice curative from Goop for Gwenyth. Perhaps a jade egg to insert in her spinnerettes.

  6. methuseus says

    @Kip T.W.:

    To coin a phrase, it’s better places all the way down.

    I’ll have to remember that one.

  7. methuseus says

    @Ichthyic #7:
    The thing that strikes me about that story is that there seemed to be no chance any of the targets would have received the packages, and it was poorly executed. Was it purposely done badly, I wonder? It’s just…. weird.