1. unclefrogy says

    the hats are fun!
    you are getting comfortable on camera you have always been clear and comfortable with the subject

    uncle frogy

  2. wzrd1 says

    Mind if we boarded with you for a couple of weeks?
    Largely, for access to your library, which appears to compliment our own, although in divergent ways.
    Mine went toward fiction or physics.
    It’d just be for two weeks, as there is that entire work thing.

    But, you do have a number of interesting books to review, some of which are far outside of my price range.
    We offer a recipe exchange and meal preparation assistance.
    And if you don’t have a dishwasher, you will around the time of our arrival and it’ll be energy and water efficient.
    Laughably, that is our standard offering for any visit or cohabitation.
    Upside, I still can manage to read at 2400 baud.
    And yes, I’m quite serious there. Although, parsing did take a bit with compression… ;)

  3. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    and creationists can’t be bothered to read them

    What makes you think Creationists can read?

  4. anchor says

    Creationists are fundamentally allergic to chemistry or science. If chemistry can’t explain how ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ works, why that obviously disqualifies science. Yet how confident they are that they actually have the explanation. It resembles the croaking of some toad: ‘goddidit–goddidit–goddidit’

  5. morsgotha says

    I don’t imagine creationists will listen Prof Myers, but others certainly will.
    Thankyou, that was very informative.

  6. garysturgess says

    One of the great things about this video is that, snarky as it was, I (at least) found it very informative. And your passion for your subject really shines through – I am certain you are an excellent teacher.

  7. cartomancer says

    I think I have cracked the code!

    Now, obviously PZ wasn’t wearing any hats in the video. That’s a given.

    At the beginning he most pointedly wasn’t wearing a flat cap.
    Soon after, he clearly wasn’t wearing a biohazard symbol baseball cap.
    After that we are treated to him not wearing a flamboyant white cowboy hat.
    Then his head was notably devoid of an alien-face baseball cap.
    Later on we note the palpable absence of a crossed-rifles military-style hat.
    And finally he wasn’t wearing a science-fish baseball cap.

    My cryptomilinery isn’t world-class, but it seems to me that we have two distinct kinds of non-hat, the non-baseball-cap and the non-other-hat. If we assume that baseball caps represent vowels and other hats represent consonants. we have the makings of a six-letter word.

    A flat cap is the quintessential headgear of the grumpy Yorkshireman, whose favourite drink is a nice cup of tea. That makes it a T. The biohazard symbol is made up of four circles, so that’s four vowels on (inclusive) from the circular vowel O, giving us an E. The cowboy hat is most popular in the state of Texas, giving us a T. The alien face represents E, from Extraterrestrial. The crossed rifles is clearly the letter X, and finally the fish, which is a variant on the Greek Icthys symbol and so represents the letter I. Together it spells TETEXI.

    te texi in Latin means “I covered you”. Clearly we have a final and profound snark on PZ’s part.

    I’m wise to your games Myers!

  8. rcs619 says

    Y’know, you should really do another book recommendation post sometime. There’s just so much content available on places like amazon, and it can be so hit or miss unless you’re active in the biology community and know who’s worth reading and who isn’t. I mean, a lot of the bad stuff you can kind of tell by googling around before you buy, but still.

  9. mikehuben says

    Really well done. I’m happy that PZ seems to be getting more telegenic: the not-hats, expression of alertness, clear enunciation, smiling, etc. The frameless glasses also look nice.

    I’d make one suggestion: some of the slides (one sentence of text, for example) are left up for too long and some of the diagrams towards the end are too complex for this medium. You might want to display the complex slides briefly, point out how there is too much for this presentation, and show your own simplification which you proceed to explain.

    A goofy idea you may want to work on: have the pharyngula at the opening continue to develop into you. :-)

  10. microraptor says

    Hey, while we’re on the subject of books, a friend of mine just started reading something called The Rational Male. Looking it up, it seems like there’s a few dog whistles in the description. Anyone know more about this title?