Friday Cephalopod: A kinder, gentler threat to our undersea friends

Those cunning hu-mans have now developed a new way to nab innocent squid.

It’s nice that it’s less likely to injure the creatures, but should we really be encouraging squidnapping?


  1. Chris Capoccia says

    maybe it’s better, but a few of the clips were showing jellies being picked up even though they just barely fit. Don’t see how that would be healthy

  2. blf says

    Squids are intelligent. They are only being caught by that thing because they want to be. So the question is Why? Are they performing experiments on the long pigs in the same way mice running in mazes are performing experiments? Or just for their own amusement? Or, suggests the mildly deranged penguin, it’s a “rite of passage” or something analogous to the ritual of being called calamari and eaten.

  3. Ragutis says

    That is pretty nifty. But maybe a larger version is in order, just to make sure the squid or other critter is completely encased. Looked like a bit of a tight fit to me. Wouldn’t want them sore at us for incephalopodic treatment of prisoners, even as it benefits us to learn all we can about our future overlords.