I missed two concerts recently. The first was Roger Waters, who I did see last year, but he was in Scotland and so he had to modify his stage sets a little.

Heh. It’s not an slander, it’s true!

I regret not being able to see that show. I’m not regretting missing the one in St Paul last week, but we did get a glorious review of the Jimmy Buffett and Eagles concert. Read it. It’s one good thing to come out of the event.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    blf @1: Some from here, notable for their reusability:

    Down With This Sort Of Thing
    You Know It’s Bad When It’s Protested In St Andrews
    I Would Rather Be Having My Dinner #resist

  2. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Waters show was spectacular. A nice blending of new political commentary into classic ‘Floyd renditions.
    I doubt I was alone in finding it awesome.

  3. petesh says

    Back in 1972, The Eagles were a pretty good four-piece country-rock band. Unfortunately, only the weakest link of those four is left. But then back around the same time, Buffett was a witty beach bum. That was a great review, especially the set lists.

  4. Bruce Fuentes says

    I have never understood why people like Jimmy Buffett. The Eagles are ok, but Buffett is horrible. I have friends that every year want me to join them to travel somewhere to see the idiot in concert. His lyrics are lame and sophomoric, the music is simple. All he is, is marketing. I always thought my friends had better taste in music. 55+ year old white guys, traveling around the country to see Buffett is pathetic.

    I saw Waters do his Wall show at the Xcel a few years back. Absolutely awesome.

  5. Gnu Atheist says

    I caught Waters in DC last year. Outstanding show!!! And the sign read TRUMP IS A PIG, referring directly to his place in the food chain based on the Animals album, which itself was based on Orwell’s Animal Farm. I think many would agree that it indirectly slams Trump’s personal character as well.

    Big man, pig man
    Ha ha, charade you are…

  6. HidariMak says

    Looking up the definition of “bawbag” reminded me of another nickname for Trump. The “So Called Ruler of the United States”, or “SCROTUS” for short.

  7. Mark Jacobson says

    @8 HidariMak

    “SCROTUS” for me is reserved for the Supreme Court Republicans of the United States, but that works too!

  8. rietpluim says

    In The Netherlands, Waters displayed his messages in Dutch, and he had a message for Wilders too.