Hey, Minnesotans! They’re planning a March for Science Minnesota!

I just found out about it this morning. March for Science Minnesota is in the planning stages — in fact, they’re meeting on the UMTC campus at noon today (too soon for me to make the long drive out there), so I’m sure more details will follow.


  1. CHARLES says

    You’re scientists, masters of technology. Can no-one video conference you?

    And wishing much success

  2. robro says

    March for Science plans are springing up across the country, and there may be one in Washington.

    Of course, Trump says his inauguration crowd is bigger, and besides you should have voted. Bannon says shut up. Pence says if it’s not in the Bible, it’s not true. And Putin says try some Lysenkoism.

  3. says

    @CHARLES #1 – Are you kidding me? The highlight of any seminar is coming 10 minutes early to watch a room full of PhDs try to get the projector working :D