Friday Cephalopod: I need a better excuse

It’s Friday of the second week of classes. I’m already frazzled and worn out — I get home at night, slump into a stupor, and fall asleep by 10. This is not good, especially since I don’t have this excuse: sex makes squid exhausted.


All I’m doing is teaching, teaching, teaching. Clearly the squid are wiser than I am.


  1. blf says

    Find some accommodating squid then…

    Perhaps inquire if the trophy wife would be interested in an erotic squid costume? You can take turns wearing it.

  2. wcorvi says

    PZ, I used to do that exact same thing, especially in the spring semester. Finally I just quit teaching. The quality of my life got a LOT better. Unfortunately, the students’ did not. I stopped by the observatory a few nights ago (I taught astronomy) and chatted with the students. They said the new professor picked a terrible book (so his teaching would look better) and now just reads the book to them. They said they learned more in an hour of our impromptu discussion than they had in two months of prepared classes. Oh, well.

  3. says

    Same here and I am a bit younger. 3 weeks of lectures @ 20 hours+grading and after to reward myself I shall resume my circadian time experiments. Testing the orientations of my animals every 5 hours over a period of 3 days.