1. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    I like their response to ‘soul being immaterial’: If it is immaterial, how do you know it doesn’t exist
    I guess: Only material things can NOT exist, after all. Only THINGS exist, therefore only THINGS can !exist (! as negation).
    While I obviously disagree with that kind of “logic”, it is far better than the “logic” thrown around us here by devout Xians. Seems a little more acknowledging emotion in play, rather than so many who assert their mythology is “actual true facts,science,history,etc”
    *gulp* *sip coffee*

  2. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says

    Clearly, this is a joke…

    Dang, and I was really looking forward to finding nolems and etads in my local Whole Foods. I have an awesome recipe for eip nolem.

  3. mythogen says

    @Ben Hanson, #5
    I didn’t read it as a slap at anything, more of a gentle remonstration to people who live in glass houses not to throw stones. Americans have all sorts of customs about what clothing is appropriate, often enforced by law and social opprobrium. What gives us moral high ground to decide that Hijab is oppression of women but bras aren’t? Of course some would says that both are if enforced by law, and I’d agree with them, but the people who sneer at hijabis in the street are not typically the people who think women should be allowed to go topless in public. It gets even worse when you consider that a nun’s wimple is not usually objectionable at all in America (or France!) even though it covers the same part of the head as a hijab does.

  4. Gregory Greenwood says

    Careful, with the prospect of a Trump presidency so horrifyingly close, it is quite possible that he would declare war on the ‘godless perverts’ of Nari. Not being able to find it on any map, he is quite capable of just attacking the general region at random and just writing off all the extra destruction as collateral damage. Satire becomes perilous when a trigger happy idiot is running the show.

    Of course, he would do all this without considering that not even the fictional religion of Masli endorses a father running for high office pontificating in public on how he would totally have sex with his own daughter if it just wasn’t for this whole bothersome incest thing…

  5. says


    Slap might have been the wrong word… satire is probably better. Trolling as well, since I spent quite a few minutes on Google maps searching the Indian Ocean for these islands, which I have to admit is funny in retrospect. But, as a bonus, I have added the Maldives to my bucket list of beautiful tropical islands to visit.

    So, if I take the analogy of backward names to the naked/fully covered argument – I think the Niquab or Burka is the more realistic comparison because of the Eyes as the window to the soul similarities. The moral argument about women’s rights doesn’t see the light of day because of cultural influence. In Nari or Iran, the culture dictates what women can wear, not an individual.

    To bring a personal example of this, I traveled to Morocco 6 months after 9/11 as a backpacker. I saw western clothes worn by women in the big cities. I can’t remember any Burkas, but I did see a few Hijabs. I then traveled into the mountains and smaller villages of the High Atlas. Instead of seeing more hijabs, I just saw no women. They were never outside. I asked and was told that it was not their place to be seen outside without escort. This was supposedly in a liberal muslim country. The sequestering of a gender is what I took of my experience and of what I think this backwards story is trying to tell.

    I have a fondness for jumping naked into really cold bodies of water, preferably from great heights. I can do this where I now live in Colorado with little fear of social shaming, or worse, violence. That privilege is not granted to muslim women who are groomed from birth with the ruse of the burka protecting their purity. If a society needs that kind of protection from ravenous, sex-crazed men, our western society would have torn itself apart long ago.