I did it again

Yesterday, I showed off a few embryos I’d collected from my fish tanks that morning — they were at roughly the 16 cell stage. Then today, I put up a video of the same beast at 24 hours old. It was a bit busy, because this is the age when they are going through all kinds of spontaneous muscle contractions, so I also anesthetized one of its siblings and tossed that on the scope. Stoned fish are so much more cooperative.


  1. blf says

    Stoned fish are so much more cooperative.

    However, (1) You have to use the correct-sized stone; (2) Don’t start stoning until the local woomeister says to; (3) Don’t name any of the fishies “Jehovah” (thud, Thud!, THUD); and, most importantly, thud! (Ouch!) (4) thud No thud cootie-carriers! THUD! Excuse me, I thud need to urgently Thud limp off thud befor—THUD! THUD!! THUD

  2. says

    I’d have to guess…a few hundred thousand? A million? I once estimated the number in just the spinal cord of a 5 day fish, and that was about 200,000.

  3. says

    I suppose all the cells in the embryo do not divide at the same constant rate? Otherwise it would be easy to estimate the number of cells after a certain time.

  4. gearloose says

    Would you please post videos on YouTube, that I might view them ? periscope.tv has yet to work for me.