Botanical Wednesday: Signs of the end times

In honor of the nomination of Donald Trump, the corpse flowers are blooming all across the country. It’s actually a blessing; the stench of rotting flesh obscures the reek of the putrescence rising from the Republican party.


  1. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    The stench of rotting flesh always gets such a bad reputation, it’s really undeserved.

  2. lepidoptera says

    Here’s a video produced by the American Chemical Society that gives more information about Amorphophallus titanum and the chemistry of its stench. In this case, the video shows a previous plant that bloomed at the US Botanic Garden.

    According to the US Botanic Garden Facebook page, USBG recently conducted a scent gathering on the plant currently blooming. They would like to replicate the odor to share with people who can’t make it to the Garden when the flower’s in bloom.