Status report on the Ada Initiative donations

I promised to pass along everything donated to Pharyngula until the end of the month to the Ada Initiative, less whatever it costs to take my wife out to dinner this weekend. You’re a generous bunch: the total so far is $1583. I know many of you also donated to Janet Stemwedel’s similar fund drive, and that’s just fine — we’re not competing, and it’s all good no matter how the money gets there!


  1. lesofa says

    I get a “403: Forbidden” error when I try to donate to Janet’s fund. I thought it was because of the thing that messes the Internet at work, but I’m getting the same message at home.
    I donated through here too, but I wanted to help Janet reach her ‘individual donors’ goal.

  2. says

    Sorry the link was cranky, lesofa! I hate it when tech stuff interferes with people’s generosity!

    This donation page counts for my campaign. Please don’t hesitate to select “Other amount” and fill in a size donation that won’t hurt you.

    You can track the number of donors here.

    As I type this we’re at 47 donors, and I honestly don’t know if we can reach 250 by Friday night to unlock the $500 bonus. But I’d really like to try…

  3. lesofa says

    docfreeride, that link doesn’t work either. I think it’s something with the Ada Initiative website, because even when I go directly to their homepage and click on “donate”, I get a “403: Forbidden” error.. :(

  4. says

    Response from the team at Ada:

    Do you know where this donor is located geographically? We block some IP blocks for regular fraudulent donations, and it may be they are in a blocked region or have an IP address that is located near one.

    I don’t want to make anyone ID their location publicly. If you want, you could email me (dr-dot-freeride At the google-y mail). Or, if we make it to 249 donors by tomorrow night, I’ll count your attempt in favor of releasing the bonus (especially since you gave to PZ to support Ada).

  5. lesofa says

    Thanks for looking into it. I guess I have my fellow Brazilians to blame for this. I hate that there are enough people here trying to make fraudulent donations that they have to block all of us. What a sad country this is…