Zeteticon…next week!

The advertising for Zeteticon has been a bit low key, so it’s a good thing I happened to check my calendar! And then I looked at the roster, and it’s a good bunch — Beth and Matt and Fred and Aron and Richard and August and David and Katie, who I have not met before. Come on out to Fargo, ND this next weekend!

I notice I don’t have a title listed, which suggests that once again mail from an organizer has been snared in my spam trap, and I’ll have to go dig it up, but in case they see this, the title of my talk is “Synteny and Creationist Sins of Omission: They always forget about those pesky genes.” It’s about molecular genetics and the ignorance of creationists, if you can’t guess.


  1. Markita Lynda—threadrupt says

    Also, it’s in Fargo, North Dakota—so folks who have missed conferences because they are too far away now has a chance to go. I must admit that I didn’t know what “zetetic” means: proceeding by enquiry. So there’s my new word for the day.