1. knowknot says

    Who therefore Joss hath joined together, let not pants put asunder.
    Or something.

  2. Al Dente says

    What the hell was that?

    When you reach 16 or puberty, whichever happens first, we’ll explain it to you.

  3. anbheal says

    I thought innuendo meant an oblique reference. In this instance, I don’t think there’s much delicate allusion involved, just talking penises and huge cocks. Talking-penis-and-huge-cock-laden entertainment may be more accurate.

  4. boadinum says

    Most of those puppets were Muppets. Neil Patrick Harris and Nathon Fillion were great, as they were in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. I hope Joss Whedon had something to do with this.

  5. Ichthyic says

    Your morning innuendo-laden entertainment

    Oddly, I was somehow expecting there to be something about Greg Laden.

  6. lorn says

    Ahhh … a little sophomoric humor.

    Given that maturity is overrated, and merely one of many options, and I seem to be drifting toward dirty old man, I approve.