And the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to…

Randy Schekman and Thomas Südhof for their work in vesicle trafficking. We’re working through metabolism in my cell biology course right now, but clearly when we get to translation and export of proteins in a few weeks, I’m going to have to put together a new lecture to cover this subject.


  1. Louis says

    My wife did her PhD in this area and obviously knows of the work of these guys. I phoned her up this morning and told her she’d won the Nobel prize….sort of.

    She was amused.

    This is probably a good thing because it’s a pretty feeble joke, it bodes well for our marriage that this low bar of amusement is acceptable! ;-)


  2. Andy Groves says

    You missed out Jim Rothman….. on the Nobel front page, his blurb quote reads “Machinery… that’s exactly how I think about it”, which is a) a good analogy and b) as Eamon points out, sadly going to make the IDiots happy in their pants……

  3. lorn says

    Callinectes @ #2 beat me to it.

    I can see it now. Out on a street corner.

    Psss …. psss … hey guy I’ve got some lovely vesicles here for you. Only the finest quality… imported. Cuz I like how you look … I can always spot a man of quality and discretion, I’ll give you a special price … A real value considering what I went through to get them across the border.

  4. Andy Groves says

    Psss …. psss … hey guy I’ve got some lovely vesicles here for you

    …..and some of those vesicles really do contain mood-altering substances.

  5. IslandBrewer says

    When Randy Schekman got the HHMI grant, he got his ear pierced as part of a bet with his grad students.

    Makes me wonder what he’ll get pierced now that he has a Nobel Prize.