FtBCon Final Schedule

This should be the one place you can go to to follow the con. All the events are linked to there, by date and time (NOTE: all times are given in the Central time zone, UTC -5 — calibrate accordingly.) For instance, the welcoming introduction starts at 5pm Central tonight. Click on the “Welcome” link, it will take you to the Google+ event page, where I should have the youtube video set up ready to go.

And look, we’ve got stuff going on solidly from 5pm to midnight tonight. Then we start up again at 8am Saturday and don’t shut up until 11pm. Sunday you get to sleep in until 10am before we fill up the screen until 9pm. We’ve even got some hours where we’re running parallel sessions and you’ll have to choose (actually, I hope you choose anyway — you’d be nuts to stare at the screen all those hours. Even we moderators have juggled the schedule to make sure we have one hour breaks between our sessions.)

But it’s not the FINAL final schedule! We’re still adding stuff! Would you believe Roy Zimmerman will be joining the atheist music panel? We don’t care if you believe or not, because we deal with evidence and facts, and ROY ZIMMERMAN WILL BE ON THE MUSIC PANEL.