1. StevoR, fallible human being says

    Contrasting colours in extremis.

    Cherries – or berries? – so stunningly red.

    Wonderful image that’ll stay in my head.

    Ice haloes don’t only shine round Earth’s Moon.

    Great selection PZ, Thankyou for this boon!

  2. Cuttlefish says

    At Cuttlefish U., there is a row of these planted along one of the older campus buildings. I’ve been meaning to grab my stereoscopic pinhole camera (cutting edge technology a century ago!) and get a pic. Thanks for the reminder…

  3. Rodney Nelson says

    Cherries – or berries? – so stunningly red.

    They look like barberries. I doubt they’re holly berries because hollies are evergreens and there’s no leaves visible.

  4. StevoR, fallible human being says

    @Rodney Nelson : Thanks.

    @ Chigau : Yes & I clicked on it but it doesn’t seem to say -just showed the photo?

  5. says

    Hmmph. What do I know from plants? They looked like rose hips at first glance. Guess I could follow the link.

    Geez… I was hoping not to learn anything tonight.

    *clicks link*

  6. Crudely Wrott says

    Ice covered branches are the most wonderful winter sight just as the sun is rising should the morning after the storm be clear.
    Really. Sparkle takes on a whole new dimension.

  7. chris says

    Gorgeous but deadly. If that was a tree the weight of the frozen ice over it would make it more liable to fall on an unsuspecting passerby. One of the many reasons I prefer living in western Washington than in Minnesota, where I first witnessed the beauty of frozen water on branched limbs… with severe warnings to stay away from them!

    Icicles are also cool. Except when they are very long and right above where you are standing.

    Seriously, it is not so much the cold that will get you… it is the warming and cooling cycles that create large chunks of deadly ice that will get you when they fall!

  8. Brian E says

    Apologies for the change of topic, tomorrow is predicted to be a continental record heat day in Oz. Followed by a week of near or record heat in most of the continent, with coastal areas just being summery in places. Today was a cool 40c in outer Melbourne. We’ll freeze in the predicted 30c two days hence.
    Probably stupid thing to say, but watch out for bushfires and check on friends who are old, or infirm. You die quickly in a this kind of heat.