The Bergman live!

If you’re really interested, that Cretinist Jerry Bergman is going to be on some weird “Ask the Expert” show at Creation Conversations, a site I’m going to have to browse more often because it is one of the lamest creationist web sites I’ve seen yet — it’s all young earth creationism presented with the goofiest arguments, like that vestigial snake limbs disprove evolution.

One warning: in order to access everything on the site, they insist that you fill out a little questionnaire with your date of birth, home town, etc., and one of the questions is “Who created the world?” You don’t get to leave it blank; Allah, Jehovah, and No One are not acceptable answers, and it only let me through when I typed “Jesus”. Way to stack your audience with clown clones, guys! Since I was honest with all the other answers, unfortunately, I doubt that they’ll approve my application.

By the way, here’s how they describe Bergman:

Ask the Expert is all new with Jerry Bergman, PhD. He has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology on the college level for over thirty years.

I genuinely pity the students who’ve had him as an instructor. Thirty years of an incompetent dilettante miseducating students…it’s tragic.