Poll to plumb the depths of human stupidity

I know, that’s a rather vague descriptor: that’s what so many polls do. This is a poll about the anti-vaccination movement, though, which is like creationism in that it’s hard to believe people can be quite that thick about something that has been so thoroughly demolished. But go ahead, smash it down a little bit more. Apparently, Paul Offit, who has written a couple of excellent books debunking the anti-vaxxer loons, is going to appear on the Colbert Report, which has annoyed the crackpots. They have mobilized their forces to defeat the evil poll…so we’ll send out a few people to help.

Will You Watch Offit on Colbert?

Yes – I agree with Offit’s perspective and look forward to watching him

Yes – I disagree completely with Offit but plan to watch

No, I wouldn’t watch Offit if he were the last man on Earth

No – But I think he has some great things to say