1. badgersdaughter says

    Wow, that’s gorgeous Butterfly of the deep. I haven’t seen those colors even in clear quartz fractures. It looks like you could… should!… make jewelry out of it.

  2. CanonicalKoi says

    Oooooh…pretty! Usually you put in the name, PZ, so what is this one? I like to go read about most of the critters you post pics of.

  3. Carlie says

    That’s obviously an angel spreading its wings at the top, the holy green and red lights of the glory of the Lord shining round about it, and at the bottom is a donkey, a manger, and a very tired-out and sleeping Mary.

    See, even jellyfish celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

  4. bcoppola says

    I know it’s a common observation but: Alien life? Look no further than the oceans! Living exemplars of J.B. Haldane’s “queerer than we can suppose”.

  5. daveau says

    Scientists plan to research more of the unexplored Arctic waters before warming and ice melt drastically transforms the ocean environment…


    I’m just not as enthusiastic about Mondays as I am about Fridays, but I suppose I shouldn’t blame Mary.

  6. Fred The Hun says

    CanonicalKoi @ 2,

    If you right click the image and check the properties…

    Sminthea arctica

  7. Blind Squirrel FCD says

    It is a ctenephore and stingless. You see a lot of them on the east cost of USA marooned glowing on the sand. The are strongly bioluminescent.