1. chuckgoecke says

    Next time I need my skin ripped off, I’ll have to remember to go skinny dipping off California in a school of Humboldt squids.

  2. says


    Super cuuuuuuuuuute.

    (No, I’m not high on cough medicine).

  3. UXO says

    ‘Ygnailh… ygnaiih… thflthkh’ngha…. Yog-Sothoth …’ rang the hideous croaking out of space. ‘Y’bthnk… h’ehye – n’grkdl’lh…’

    OK, so it’s not quite Cthulhumas – but it’s close!

  4. Gregory Greenwood says

    ‘Its the war on Christmas! The war on Christmas I say. You horrible, horrible atheists are ruining it for all the little children. How could you be so mean! This is surely far worse than the repugnant child abuse perpetrated by pious perverts and covered up by Pope Palpatine and his Cardinal Moffs. Um, I mean Pope Ratzinger and his Cardinals . . .

    Err, actually. Just forget I said anything.

    Merry Squidma-

    Damn it! Now you’ve got me saying it!’

    This is a hypothetical statement as might be muttered by a semi-honest theist. Should such a rare and endangered creature ever be encountered.

  5. mythusmage says

    It’s been confirmed, PZ Myers is actually a gang of 12 year old boys masquerading as a college professor.