My prior post on Missouri’s bill permitting pharmacists to neglect their responsibilities was incorrect on one point: the bill has not been passed. The bill has only been proposed. It’s the usual situation:

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the republicans in the Missouri House of Representatives are, to a member, well and truly insane.  They offer all manner of idiotic bills and amendments that will never see the light of day, and Emery attaching his bill as an amendment to SB 296, legislation dealing with professional registration, is merely supporting evidence of same.


  1. Rorschach says

    they’re doing it already,arent they,which is the real problem,this legislation would only cover their backs if it passed.

  2. GT says

    You admitted you were wrong and corrected the error.
    Science 1, religion and politics 0

  3. JeffS says

    It’s ok. You aren’t infallible, like the Pope is. Now to get back to throwing out all my condoms since they are gonna give me aids.

  4. hanchman says

    Here in Louisiana we have House Bill 517. In its current form, it’s pretty broad, allowing health care providers to shirk their duty in relation to birth control, abortion, gene therapies, you get the point, anything that would offend their ‘religious conscience’. Right now, they’ve decided to sit on it for a while and try to narrow the scope, but i don’t have high hopes for defeat of this bill. Louisiana has a reputation for letting the church write the social policies of the state.

  5. Blue Girl says

    Thanks for the revision – and the link! We have plenty of things happen here that ought to inspire torches and pitchforks, but SB 296 wasn’t one of them.

  6. Menyambal says

    Hey, they’d still like to pass it, I am sure. And might get it done.

    A few years back, a proposal for a right-to-carry-concealed-weapons law was voted down by the people of Missouri. It was a bit of a surprise, and quite a relief to many people, and a disappointment to some in the state legislature. They had a concealed-carry law within a year.

  7. Alexis says

    And furthermore, Jewish waiters at the Mickey D’s should be allowed to deny nonkosher foods to their customers. ‘Excuse me, my bacon cheeseburger doesn’t have any bacon or cheese on it.’ ‘I only server kosher food. If you don’t like it go to another McDonald’s.’

  8. reggie says

    What’s next? A Bill allowing groceries to refuse selling ice cream to people because it might make them fat?

  9. EndUnknown says

    I am glad it was just proposed! I was having a ‘im ashamed to be in this state’ moment, but now it’s ‘ha! rightwing loons!’

  10. says

    HB 226 (the “pharmacists can neglect their duties””) is an amendment to a bill.

    The House already passed amendment HB 226, but has yet to vote on the bill it was attached to (emphasis mine):

    The House has approved an amendment to keep pharmacies from being required to distribute emergency contraception and other drugs.

    The chamber approved the amendment 115-43 Tuesday but delayed a vote on the entire bill. The bill allows certain state boards to hold disciplinary hearings for people who are licensed by the state and are convicted of certain felonies.

    However, this very same bill has already been passed by the Senate:

    Missouri’s Senate already approved the original bill (S.B 296), which involves professional licensing regulations.