1. Sastra says

    Poor Squid Claus must get mighty bored, because all the little squidlings are asking for the same thing right now: Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean

  2. says

    Squid Claus? No. That is Tenta Claus.

    Or am I committing some theological gaffe when I say that?

    Must I now expect a visit by the Squidish Inquisition?

  3. says

    Somehow I feel disappointed that the seller had not titled this item “a diorama of a frightened, open-mouthed girl and a tentacled monster clutching her; suitable for all ages”.

    Yup, this is what a certain kind of Japanese entertainment does to you.

    Also: I nominate the following as a caption for this image: “By the power vested in me by the cold, uncaring stellar abysses above, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife.”

    (Also: “Tenta Claus” not my own invention — would be grateful if anyone knew anything about its origins.)

  4. Tim H says

    Silly people. This is not a picture of Tenta Claus listening to what the young vertabrate wants for Squidmas. Tenta Claus is listening to the young squid he’s holding in his right tentacle. The vertabrate is the possible gift, if young Cephie has been a good little squid this year.

  5. Samantha Vimes says

    The problem is, it’s not milk and cookies Santa Cthulu is going to snack on.

    This is just like when Mr. Hong built the all night takeaway seafood place on Dagon Street.

  6. Annie M says

    Some needle felters have too much time on their hands! What a cutie!! I’m jealous. It does take great skill to turn fluffy wool into the above item, armed only with a honking blooding felting needle. With Barbs. That hurt…

  7. BobbyEarle says

    I can’t believe that nobody has mentioned the Alien facehugger.

    Santa needs to stop snooping around old derelict spaceships.

  8. Sili says

    Not that it matters, but I agree with the pope on in vitro fertilisation. Pointless waste of ressources.

    But that’s about it.