One good name rescued from the trash bin

You will all be pleased to know that the Brazilian UFOnuts who named their organization after Carl Sagan have backed down and removed Carl’s name from their masthead.

They’ve named it after Galileo instead.

Oy vey. Couldn’t they name it after a more appropriate historical figure? I recommend calling it the Bozo Institute. Or if they want to be more subtle, how about the Arthur Conan Doyle Institute? He saw things that weren’t there, too.


  1. Snark says

    The well known portuguese Astrologer Ernesto Da Dumbo Fukko might have been most appropriate as a popular mastheadfor the.

  2. Richard Harris says

    Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies & was conned by two schoolgirls who took photos of cut-out fairies in their garden. Yeah, really!

    But we ought to be careful – Alfred Russel Wallace believed in spiritualism.

  3. druidbros says

    Careful PZ. At least there are pictures of UFO’s. And remember this does not mean they are aliens,just UFO’s.

  4. genesgalore says

    the chicken little institute lives. i always taught my students to think: yes, i believe in space aliens but i seriously doubt that they have ever been to earth.

  5. Feynmaniac says

    Is there a law which states that once someone starts comparing themselves to Galileo they have earned the title of ‘crackpot’ and have forfeited the right to be taken seriously?

  6. JJR says

    How about the H.G. Wells Institute?

    Isn’t it interesting they can’t come up with a name of a noted UFO-logist that is instantly recognizable and that everybody in their “field” can agree upon?

  7. SimonG says

    Von Daniken would be fairly recognisable. Although I guess they really need someone who’s dead, (and not just from the neck up).

  8. Ichthyic says

    Oy vey. Couldn’t they name it after a more appropriate historical figure?

    no, and I’ll tell you why:

    Not enough creativity or knowledge; combined with absolutely no sense of irony.

  9. Sili says

    Actually, unless my memory is completely screwed up, Giordano Bruno would be pretty appropriate.

    Wasn’t his heresy claiming that the universe is infinite and that there must be life elsewhere exactly because when God had the power to create it, he would have?

  10. says

    But it’s Brazil, where they play fast and loose with people’s names. There are six Barack Obamas running for office there now, and a Bill Clinton, a Jorge Bushi, a Kung Fu Fatty, and The Second King of Prawns.

  11. says

    Let`s not concentrate the nationalities, portuguese, brazilian, it doesn`t matter!
    Try to find a proper name, please!

  12. Purple says

    =[ I liked Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. I feel sad that an author of such a rational and logical character wasn’t so rational or logical himself.