Complete Scienceblogs Survey; Win valuable prizes!

Guest Blogger Danio:
Orac has posted a directive from the Seed Overlords regarding a survey they’d like us to conduct. As my distinctiveness has been temporarily added to the collective (I’ll be implanting the “sleep” command into their subroutines next week though, oh yes…) I am dutifully passing it on. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete and you can enter to win stuff at the end of it.

Whoops! The survey has been closed already. Sorry about that. Here’s a pointless poll instead.


  1. says

    Unless they changed the survey since I took it, it was infected with crap questions. What marketroid nimrod decided to put in an item like “Science is culture: Agree/Disagree”? That’s content-free advertising blather whose mere proximity costs the reader brain cells.

  2. Dustin says

    Complete Scienceblogs Survey; Win valuable prizes!

    Get larger manness! Your scienceblog is not b1g enough. Get loooong blog now.

  3. Qwerty says

    Posted by: Sigmund | August 12, 2008 6:03 PM

    Off topic. Episode 2 of Dawkins, ‘The Genius of Charles Darwin’ is online now.

    Thanks Siggy!

  4. lylebot says

    The survey was pretty clearly mainly intended for determining advertising. A few pages worth of “which of the following do you intend to buy in the next 6 months”, “do you own or rent any of the following”, “what are your (expensive) hobbies”, etc. There were a few pages of “what do you like/dislike about scienceblogs”, “what other blogs do you read”, and some yes/no questions like the weird one Blake mentioned. If you missed it, I don’t think you missed much (unless you were hoping for ads more targeted to you).

  5. David D.G. says

    Well, heck, if we have to have ads, we might as well try to get relevant ads.

    ~David D.G.

  6. Danio says

    Well, heck, if we have to have ads, we might as well try to get relevant ads

    No kidding. There seem to be literally thousands of people out there laboring under the misconception that I have a (flaccid) penis.

  7. Itzac says

    I can’t believe more than a third of people voting on that poll think we’ve been visited by aliens.

  8. JSW says

    The arrogance of comparing yourself to starfleet’s greatest captain!!! Astonishing!!!

    I don’t recall seeing anything in Danio’s post indicating that he managed to hack the Kobayashi Maru test or prevent the Whalesong Probe from destroying the Earth.

  9. jj says

    WOW, the OC register, what a horrible conservative paper. Live in OC for 18 years, and couldn’t stand to open that damn paper, maybe that’s why we got the LA Times at my house growing up…

  10. Crudely Wrott says

    @#21, don-

    All of the difficulties of physically moving between stellar systems, let alone galaxies, that we face as we consider the task, will also face any other culture that can conceive the notion. The most fundamental challenge is that, in order to make a journey of such great distance possible within a reasonable time frame (I choose ‘hL * 0.6’ where hL is equal to the average human life span.), it is necessary to out pace light. At the very moment we realize this we also note that the energy required approaches infinity.

    With all due respect to alien viewpoints and philosophies as well as notions about how knowledge is “gained,” I cannot get excited about any kind of guys going to the effort to actually find access to more energy than seems to exist in the universe simply to pop over next door to engage in opaque hob nob with the least representative and interesting members or H. Sapiens sapiens. (short chuckle there; sorry). That would be Top Politicians of Top Military Nations. (Insert favorite alien/gummint conspiracy here.)

    From any perspective I can muster that just seems to be a complete waste of time and trouble. Especially when it is alleged by some that this has been going on for a long time and that sometimes they crash and we keep the bodies on ice. We don’t give them back to the next crew? Or don’t they ask?

    Because a life form capable of solving the problem of fast, long distance travel would reasonably be an older race, more accomplished in the skills in need, one would naturally consider the notion that they would also be accomplished in skills related to getting along together, planning and completing multi-generational programs, combining diverse technologies to enhance progress in the short, medium and long terms simultaneously. To be able to integrate diverse approaches on an ad hoc basis while still remaining fixed on future goals. To define some equivalence of an individual life to the greater sphere of reality without employing coercion or appeal to fear. But I’m just guessing. Anthropomorphizing, most likely, since my perspectives are limited to the ones I have learned from humans. Thing is, I would expect better judgment from these guys. And, ahh, better manners.

    That’s where I “come down” on the notion, but it is where I stand now. Of course, I’d have to make exception to preference should the situation so demand . . .

    Ah! Evolve is beginning on History. Wow. What if they were like crocodiles?

  11. Crudely Wrott says

    *begin oops*
    Should read: “That’s not where I “come down” . . .”
    *end oops*

  12. AJ says

    …. how is a “Survey” any different from a “Pointless Poll”? Surveys have more questions I suppose, but they still seem pretty stupid.

    Odd that you would promote a survey just because it’s on your host site.

  13. themadlolscientist, FCD says

    I voted “astronaut or astronut” too.

    Everyone go crash Escuerd’s second poll. Red Alert! Creationism is leading, 51-48%. Call out the Cthulhu Army! Looks like it won’t let you vote twice, so everyone’s gotta do their part!

    BTW, the Seed survey is up again (until the 15th, I think).