1. Karen says

    Your mom doesn’t look sour, she looks Minnesotan. Might even be related to my maternal relatives — she’s got the same look my (beloved late) grandmother used to wear. Muffin, don’t take that look at face value. :-)

  2. Rick T says

    PZ, it doesn’t look like you are the spawn of Satan after all, unless the diablo gene resides on the Y chromosome.

  3. Sili says

    Your mother looks lovely. I hope I age that well (but I doubt I shall).

    Of course I’m not on FB anyway …

  4. Benjamin Franklin says

    She must be very proud.

    And, she can say “My son, the Doctor!” to all her friends.

  5. ahmcguffin says

    Maybe mom’s thinking you can drag her but you can’t make her blog? And she might be wondering what kind of unwanted attention will come from such pictures. But being mom, I think I’m safe in thinking she is proud of your notoriety.

  6. GodlessHeathen says

    Atheists have mums? I thought we were all hatched, or spawned from a cauldron of boiling ichor…

  7. Patricia C. says

    That looks like a sly smirk to me. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree indeed. :)

  8. Sastra says

    If PZ’s mom looks a little testy, it could be because she was unprepared for that generous helping of soft serve ice cream he got for her. Next time, PZ, please just let your Mom go up to the buffet and get her own dessert.

  9. JohnnieCanuck says

    Skeptical, definitely a skeptical look. That’s a good thing, right?

  10. JohnnieCanuck says

    The link to Maria’s photos would seem to require that one must be friended by her, to see them.

  11. Bride of Shrek says

    The woman raised our Evil Overlord (TM) to adulthood, the same could not be said for Lee Remick The Omen. Maybe our Evil Overlord (TM) isn’t as “evil” as we like to think.

  12. jb says

    I’ve seen that look before – she’s thinking you may be famous, but she’ll still put you in your place when necessary. That’s the best kind of Mom….

  13. says

    I’ve been trying to get my Mom on line for at least three years, and she has used every excuse in the book to avoid it. I tried to give her an old iBook I have, but it crapped out. (damn graphics card problem endemic to all dual USB port iBooks)

  14. says

    She looks a lot like my mom, who also lives in Seattle.

    Bert – my mom has a horrible Windows machine – won’t touch a Mac because they snubbed her at the Apple store – my current challenge is to get her off dial-up and onto broadband.

  15. says

    Jeez, it’s been four hours already and there still hasn’t been a single creationist showing up with nasty cracks about the surprising dissimilarity between your mom and certain simians. They must be slowing down… or perhaps they’ve given up. Hope springs eternal.

    She does look ‘most seriously displeased’. I think this calls for a caption contest.

  16. says

    I’d like to point out the rain jacket on the anonymous fellow in the back. Ever since PZ arrived, our weather’s turned to winter. Though, word is, Aslan is on the move.

  17. Chakolate says

    Nonononono – don’t drag her into the 21st century. Just gently let her know that since it’s the 21st century, it’s now safe to come into the 20th. ;-)

  18. Mercurious says

    Its funny… on my Yahoo RSS Feed the preview pic is the top of her forehead. Hmm maybe its to say see!! No horns! I can sooo see her tearing into PZ. PZ hangs his head low and nods, “Yes Mom, I know Mom. I promise I wont store squid in the freezer again mom. No Mom I have no idea how that squid got in my bed.”

  19. says

    Oh f’r pete’s sake. “Sour” “displeased” my fat old ass. Look again; PZ’s mom has almost exactly the same smile as PZ does in that photo, minus the pelage and plus twenty-whatever years. I’ve been enjoying my own old-woman invisibility for a while, but I feel the odd need to get up and make some editorial corrections when I see generalizations based on poor observation and, I suspect, on expectations of ~femininnyty~.

    Damn but it’s good to get free of those sometimes.

    That expression, the direct, level look at the camera and all, is the visual equivalent of a really good handshake. Makes me want to meet her IRL.

    Good choice of a mom, PZ!

  20. Bride of Shrek says

    Its been puzzling me al day but I’ve finally worked out what PZ’s Mum seems to be saying…

    “He’s NOT the Evil Overloard…he’s just a very naughty boy.”

  21. Bride of Shrek says

    Oops, thats just a typo..I really do know how to spell “lord”. A christian once told me.

  22. Helioprogenus says

    Are you making your poor mother cry? Looks like those tissues have been frequently used. It’s tough to realize your son’s the antichrist bringing forth the absolute destruction of the world.

    Seriously though, it’s a sweet picture and shocking knowing you were spawned by a human being. I don’t see the tentacles I was expecting….a bit disappointed. You almost had me convinced you were a squidnoid.

  23. says

    I eagerly befriend all skeptics on Facebook who make friendship requests (and non-skeptics too, as long as they’re tolerant, kind, and don’t send inappropriate material. (BTW, I’m extremely liberal, so my definition of inappropriate is simply material that Facebook does not allow.)

    There may be a few more photos of PZ’s mom throughout my photo album, and in our relatively new Seattle Skeptics group.

    But in general, I simply feel honored to me mentioned here.

  24. Rita Bennett says

    Hello PZ’z mother. I like him, he writes my favorite blog.

    Boasting on my son follows: When he was in his twenties he helped me bargain for a car. We were such a team; he was the good cop and I took joy in being the bad one.

    Many years later, he is still doing good for me, like doing house repairs, rug cleaning and financial advice.

    My very best wishes for you and your family.

  25. Connie says

    I know PZ’s mom, and she’s very sweet. She frequently smiles and laughs. That photo isn’t her best one.

  26. Holbach says

    Can I call your Mom “Mother Atheist’, or is this assuming that she may not be like her son?

  27. says

    How many times has she asked you to shave off that beard?

    And for goodness sakes, PZ! Sit up straight and button that shirt, and would it kill you to put on a tie?

  28. Holbach says

    MartinDH @ 37 As one who admittedly does not like beards, I found the two depicted blatantly gross. How can a female put her face against that facial filth? Yikes!

  29. Nick Gotts says

    Re #40. Holbach, I have no choice but to report your inexcusable bigotry to the Beard Liberation Front ;-)

  30. Michelle says

    I totally see a family ressemblance there! Look at them, they have the same face! :P

    Hi PZ mom!!!