1. Brian K. says

    From the AWE e-mail:

    “Sunday, April 27, 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. “Atheists Talk,” Air America Minnesota radio, AM 950 or stream live on-line at Guest Rob Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church & State will be interviewed on faith-based government earmarks for religion. Also, a discussion of the National Day of Reason. Studio call-in number: 952-946-6205 or e-mail questions to”

    Wish I could go to the Day of Reason. Wish they HAD a Day of Reason down here in Georgia. Not with “Sonny” around.

  2. susan says

    Is it not possible to listen to this program live? I sure can’t figure out how to do it…

  3. bPer says

    susan @#3:

    Darn. I was going to post something before the show, but I figured this had been covered in past weeks.

    Shane @#4 gave the official link, but it requires you to enter a zip code. For those of us outside the USA, that was a pain (I did a google search for ‘zip code morris mn’), so I finally figured out the direct link to the live stream:

    I now have this programmed into one of the presets on my Roku SoundBridge Radio, so now all I need is Prof. Myers’ weekly reminder and I’m set.

    Re. the ads during the broadcast: I love the Cucumbers Restaurant “intelligently-designed salad bar” ad! Way to go, guys! If I’m ever in the area, I’ll be sure to give them my business.

    On the other hand, can those two MN Atheists ads (the AWE one and the “Is that the Taj Mahal?” one) be any more cringe-inducing? I realize these are produced by amateurs, but come on. Embarrassingly-lame scripts and a sing-song delivery. These are both worthy and admirable goals, so I’d consider redoing the ads if I were them.

  4. bPer says

    Bjorn @#7:


    Please tell me you’re not deliberately using painfully-awkward ads as a strategy to draw in contributions! ;)

    Best of luck! Despite my griping about the ads, I enjoy the show.

  5. susan says

    Shane at 4: I got to that page but when I entered my zip code and clicked “listen,” nothing happened. Four times I tried that, even clicking on…Windows (hard for a Mac user)…, but nothing happened.

    bPer at 6: That worked! Thank you. A little late, but now it is on my iTunes list so I can click next Sunday, if I remember not to be in the garden at the time. How did you get to that stream URL? One would think the radio station would make it very simple to listen live, but I guess one would be thinking wrong. Sheesh.

  6. says

    I hope everyone listened in at the end to hear who my guest will be next week. Greg Laden will talk about Academic Freedom Legislation.

    For next week if you want to listen to the stream you are welcome to use my Zip Code – 55112. Be my guest.

    As for the ads, none of us are trained voice actors. Just donate to the building fund so we can build a building and not do that ad. I pass at least 10 expensive church buildings on the way to the studio, and I just wonder why it is so hard to get the funding for one atheist building.

    Oh, wait, the public schools and universities are atheist buildings. :)

  7. bPer says

    susan @#9 asked:

    How did you get to that stream URL?

    I figured it out a few weeks ago, and I can’t exactly remember. Shane’s link worked fine for me (a Windows user), so I probably had access to webpages that you didn’t get to. I either dug the link out of the source of one of the webpages or used HttpSpy to sniff it out.

    One would think the radio station would make it very simple to listen live, but I guess one would be thinking wrong. Sheesh.

    I agree. My best guess is that they are concerned about bandwidth and would prefer that people listen to them over the air. IIRC, the first time I tried to use Shane’s link, I entered the zip code for Massena NY (a common destination for Ottawa shoppers just across the border) and I got a page saying that the service was only for MN residents. I entered the zip code for Morris and I got in. From that, I gather that they’d like to limit their audience to those that might patronize their advertisers. I can understand that.

  8. says

    Podcast is up. Thanks for the feedback. I think the two ads are supposed to be annoying and cheesy, and they got your attention, which is the point of ads. So far, there have been no increase in building fundraising because of that ad, but we have had an increase in people signing up for AWE. One is cheaper then the other. Oh, and the only reason the ads are there, is because we’re lacking advertisers, so we are footing the bill for about half of the show, about $175 a week.