Darwin news

For a guy who has been dead for 126 years, he’s pretty lively. You must see the result of a contest to caption a photo of Darwin’s statue and the odious Ben Stein: trust me, Stein gets less than he deserves.

You just can’t keep a brilliant man down. Charles Darwin also has a blog.


  1. Hank Fox says

    Slightly lame late entry:

    Darwin: A new species discovered in the Americas! The Pampas Ass!

  2. Hank Fox says

    I like the new profile photo too. But that city in the background … I would have thought Dis would have more smoke and flames.

  3. jaffacakes says

    Those good folks at B3TA win everything theres a few image of the week challenges on religion they had a scientology one a few moths ago.

  4. Dale says

    Etha wrote…

    “I was pleasantly surprised to learn today that Darwin has his own Bank of England banknote. Nifty. Way to go, Brits.”

    That’s nothing. We have a city (capital of the Northern Territory) named after him. :-)
    Way to go Australia!

  5. Bob Adler says

    Comments are moderated? Well, no shit asshole. Why? Because godless idiots like yourself love to silence people.

    So silence this: suck my nuts when you burn in hell, fuckwad!


  6. Cat of many faces says

    hey asshole, what part of “Comments are moderated for spam” didn’t you get? the SPAM part???

    Ah well, they are also moderated for someone being a retard.


  7. Nibien says

    Comments are moderated? Well, no shit asshole. Why? Because godless idiots like yourself love to silence people.

    So silence this: suck my nuts when you burn in hell, fuckwad!


    Children on the internet make me weep.

  8. Alex says

    “So silence this: suck my nuts when you burn in hell, fuckwad!”

    So the little troll thinks he will “burn in hell” as well, right? Or are we witnessing yet another example of faulty logic?

    When will fundies learn: Only post when sober, end even then, only after taking their meds.

  9. Dennis N says

    The only way we’d be able to suck your nuts would be if you’re in hell too……

    Who was that even directed at?

  10. Dennis N says

    I’m listening to the Geoff Simmons vs PZ Myers debate again right now. Its sad how dumb this guy is; as always, PZ actually has to explain the science to him. Then, PZ gets told to act civil because he points out how ignorant Simmons is.

  11. craig says

    “The only way we’d be able to suck your nuts…”

    Bob’s nuts roasting on an open fire…

  12. says

    Notice the emoticon at the end of Bob’s rather odd posting– :P –which the Wikipedia article claims is “tongue sticking out (silly, or feeling lousy)”.

    Poe’s Law perhaps?

  13. Richard Harris says

    Bobby @ # 12, hey fellah, & is that how old you are? I guess you’re at the age where you’re experiencing a sexual identity, & you seem to find it confusing too. The best thing for you is to come out of the basement & get some fresh air, play with some friends (& I don’t mean sex play, I mean a game of ball or something).

  14. Blaidd Drwg says

    Actually, it WOULD be possible for PZ to “suck Bob’s nuts in hell” without Bob having to go to hell personally. All you have to do is realize that Bob’s nuts need not be connected to Bob. After all, I don’t imagine he will have any use for them in Heaven, since there will be “No marrying, nor giving in marriage” in Heaven.

    And since ‘Christians’ are unable to have sex outside of marriage…

  15. Logicel says

    Bobbikins, I adore candied nuts, so after detaching them, dip them in some hot, molten syrup. Thanks.

  16. says

    Nice new photo, P.Z…

    Where was that taken? I thought at first it was downtown Morris — but then I thought…

  17. raven says

    So silence this: suck my nuts when you burn in hell, fuckwad!

    Does Jesus know you talk like this? How about your mother, boy scout leader, and Juvenile Offender officer?

  18. says

    If I may, I’d like to leave the nutsucking behind, and go back to mentioning what a brilliant thing Darwin’s blog is! The writer is obviously brilliant. I shall peruse it daily. No, hourly.

  19. Blaidd Drwg says

    The first thing I thought of when I saw that picture, was the current crop of “V8” commercials.

    For the benefit of our foreign guests, in the new V8 (vegetable drink) commercials, we see a person passing up all of the veggie selections at various resturaunts, and his/her partner/spouse/child reaches out and bops them on the forehead presumably to ‘remind’ them that they are being an idiot. (The bop on the forehead is accompanied by a sound like someone striking a coconut with a small hammer).

  20. says

    @Humble Woodcutter: enthusiastically seconded! Allow me to quote from CD’s latest post:

    I have applied for membership of the Friends of Charles Darwin, and if accepted I may become CD, FCD. Membership is free, which is an improvement on the Royal Society. I have just received a most impudent letter from them insisting that if I continue to sign myself Charles Darwin FRS, I must pay my subscriptions backdated to 1881.

  21. Sili says

    I’d venture the guess that the young master Adler would feel right at home over at Uncommonly Dense. His variety of post does indeed sound like the kind that will not disappear down the rabbithole over there.