1. Mooser says

    My cats are cuter. But they’re camera shy. Do people send you money when they see pictures of squid? Cause nobody sent a dime to my cats.

  2. says

    Your “best” commenter (sorry everyone else) the Digital Cuttlefish knocks out limericks for fun every Friday and today wrote crazy like squid. So right on your picture, but maybe wrong on the science, my weak attempt to mimic:

    There was a fellow called Vrabel who
    On evolution had an unstable view.
    This may surprise
    But octopus eyes
    Can see better than we are able to.

    Our optic nerves give us a blind spot
    But cephalopods have somehow got
    The layout reversed.
    So humans are cursed
    With defects that cuttles have not.

  3. Jason Failes says

    PZ, just wanted to say thanks for all the Cephalopods.

    I know many of us here focus on dismantling bad woo, and I thought it was about time to compliment your tireless promotion of the flip-side, good science (and beautiful invertebrates).

  4. Stephanie Z says

    Pretty shiny.

    Something felt wrong about this morning, then I realized I hadn’t seen the Friday cephalopod yet.

  5. says

    How pretty! It would make a nifty “Aliens are coming” poster. And I think it would make a great greeting card, with “I’ll be seeing you” inside.

  6. says

    After seeing a few of these little squidders, I have to admit that ‘Jingle Bells’ makes absolutely no sense to me anymore:

    Bells on bob tail ring/
    Making spirits bright

    I mean, these cute little guys sure seem to brighten my spirits, but how would you affix a bell to one, and how would it ring underwater?

    Or am I just being silly?

  7. says

    Doc, when I read the word “bobtail” in that tag line, my immediate associate was of Yosemite Sam saying he was the “Hootinest, tootinest, shootinest Bobtail Wildcat in the West!” What does that say about my early development?

  8. Sven DiMilo says

    You, Brownian? Silly?
    The one that I’m wondering about now is “Bet my money on the bobtail nag/Somebody bet on the bay”
    I mean, first, where do you go to place bets on squid races? I tried the OTB joint down the street but they laughed at me. Laughed! And made some remark about “submarine races” I didn’t quite catch.
    And another thing. Does the squid live in the bay, and if so, how does it make sense to bet on the bay against the bobtail? Isn’t that kind of like betting on the racetrack to beat the horse? WTF?
    And who or what is the bobtail nagging? Her husband? Or what? I don’t get it.
    I’m beginning to think those Camptown ladies are juuuuust a bit off, if you know what I mean.

  9. Turdus says

    Speaking of invertebrates and good science, PZ, I hope that as we read this you are typing up a post on the Nature paper about comb jellies being the earliest metazoans. Would love to hear your opinion of that paper.

  10. Bill says

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

    Unless.. you realize the cephalopods are servants of the Great Old Ones and behind that eye lies a deeper knowledge of the universe that at a glimps would drive any man insane!
    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

    Or perhaps I read too much Lovecraft…

  11. hermit says

    So help me out, is that a real pupil or a pseudo-pupil like one might find in crustaceans? Cephalopods don’t have compound eyes…do they?

  12. mothra says

    @19 No, cephalopods do not have those glorious compound eyes that grace most of the arthropods. Still, its a beautiful eye, such a colorful ‘design.’ :P

  13. Shirakawasuna says

    I was wondering what was going on with that sand (it looked uncomfortable) and it seems that besides sporting beautiful iridescent colors, this squid likes to bury itself and get a nice coating of sand. Weird and cool!

  14. says

    I loves me some Friday Cephalopod on Pharyngula. The carefree feel of a lazy Friday and squiddie alien physiology has become a hard combo to beat!

  15. Evol. neuroscientist says

    PZ, Speaking of strange eyes, I would be curious for you to comment on M. Constantine-Paton’s experiments with three-eyed frogs and what they tell us about evolution/development…

  16. says

    My cats are cuter. But they’re camera shy. Do people send you [PZ] money when they see pictures of squid?

    Nah, we send Pee Zed cats. And babies. Hey, he’s gotta eat

  17. H. Toad says

    Stop! The Hypnotoad is enslaving the world!
    It is evil! Evil, I tell you! Don’t look! Don’t look or you be–

    All hail Hypnotoad…all hail Hypnotoad……all hail Hypnotoad…all hail Hypnotoad…