1. says

    We’ll definitely send pictures!!!!! (especially after that “image problem” post)

    I haven’t been responding to comments like I should be because I’ve either been in bed sick, or hanging out under the influence of a lot of Benedryl for the week. Starting to feel better, but under the influence of Benedryl and Beaujolais tonight.

    My goal is to put up a vote of dates/times/cuisines on Monday.

    So, Boston area folks (including lurkers!) let me know your preferences and we’ll try to come up with something that brings as many folks together eating cephalopods (or similar living things–even vegetation) as we can.

    thanks PZ

  2. says

    It’s warmer here, too.

    Oh hell yeah! My parents live in the Mankato area (I did my MA there). We talk several times a week, and this winter my response has consistently been, “I’m glad I live here and not in Minnesota,” this winter.

    I keep telling Bostonians that they really don’t know what cold feels like. Folks here have no idea what it means to be warm enough to snow.

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    I’m starting to crash, so it’s off to bed. A request for folks who head over to the thread and prefer vegetarian cuisine–give some restaurant suggestions. I love sushi, but don’t eat out much, so I know a place or two where folks can get a seaweed salad or veggie roll while others can eat ika, but I don’t know a lot of places (and the Daily Catch, which I recommended in the post, is def not veggie friendly)…..

    If all else fails, I suppose Legal would be an option, but if there’s a better compromise between sea creatures and vegetation, I’d love to hear it (I do want to accommodate as many folks as possible)

  4. Andy James says

    Well its easy to have a big meeting of fun, smart, progressive minds on the West and Northeastern coasts, but it takes true grit to live in the heartland among the numberless Christian-zombie droves.

    Good think I wear a spiked skull-cap.

  5. Bride of Shrek says

    Sigh, I’m jealous, I want to come too. Sadly the flights from Australia may prove to exhorbitant to permit my being a dinner attendee. However, on the bright side if the Aus dollar keeps rising compared to the greenback we might be able to buy the US and ship you all over here.

    Maybe one day we can organise a Australian chapter get together of the PZ appreciation society. (..or what was it Stevo called us…footsoldiers?).

  6. dan says

    Is this an atheist gathering/eat-out? I’m from boston and kinda interested. If it’s just a Squid lovers convention i don’t know if i can justify being seen in a public place…

  7. wobert says

    I didn’nt know we had big green ogres in Oz,Princess Fiona.

    Perhaps an Aussie meet. Spot the bunyip.

  8. Bride of Shrek says

    Hey Wobert

    I’m in Brisvegas, just moved here from Townsville so finally back in civilisation. If you happen to be roundabout let me know and we’ll seriously organise a Antipodean Pharyngulites chapter.

  9. Schmeer says

    Michael X, the Chicago gathering is where you tell the other Chicagoans where you want them to meet you. You spoke first, you get to pick. We Bostonians are fortunate enough to be at the mercy of MAJeff’s benevolent preference for democracy.

  10. Mena says

    Michael X, I’d go to a Chicago gathering but I’m going to be in Saskatoon until almost the end of the month. Anyone in Saskatoon or Regina?

  11. OptimusShr says

    I am from the Boston area, but I don’t know Boston that well and have other things on my plate.

    Hope ya’ll have fun.

  12. says

    Look at this: I’m dispensable.

    This is the way of all idols. Didn’t someone tell you?

    Look on the bright side. When this community gathers, they will lift a glass or two in your name, but they will not be asking you to cure their bunions.


  13. David Marjanović, OM says

    Folks here have no idea what it means to be warm enough to snow.

    Oh, it did once snow at -48 °C somewhere in Siberia. It’s not common, though.

  14. David Marjanović, OM says

    Folks here have no idea what it means to be warm enough to snow.

    Oh, it did once snow at -48 °C somewhere in Siberia. It’s not common, though.

  15. says

    HOLY SHIT! I had no idea what I was getting myself into. This is going to be so much fun!

    And before anyone suggests it, there will be NO “Hello, My Name Is” nametags. I hate those things.

  16. Rick Schauer says

    Sheesh, I’m impressed! We better get our shit together, PZ. These Bostonians are kicking our Ham hocks. We’re only getting 12-15 or so at the Campus Club before the PZ vs creationist “cage match” events…and we have FREE BEER and munchies! Where could we have gone so wrong? And we even had the opposition in camp last time?!?! Of course it was -10 F below zero…but still.

  17. Michael X says

    Well, hell, I’d love to host a gathering. But I don’t have a blog with which to discuss the finer points of where, when and how. Any Chi people out there who would do? Hint, hint.

  18. Holydust says

    I’m going to have to move away from Texas if I want to go to any fun heathen gettogethers. :(

  19. Elin says

    So…if the temperature gets below a certain degree, it’s too cold to snow? Spent most of my life in northern California, so this “warm enough to snow” thing is news to me, too.

    Are there any other Denver Pharyngulites here?

  20. wobert says

    Dunno if I’ll be much help Bride of Shrek,I’m 400 k’s west of Melbourne in the middle of nowhere.I suppose Sydney would be the ideal location(at PZ’s Orstrayan book launch)but that might make a few sandgropers a bit irate.Problem in a big country with bugger all people in it, long way to meet the neighbors.Also I’m poverty driven at the moment, and Bride of Wobert turns 40 this year and is hinting at an aeroplane crossing of a large body of water.

  21. says

    G’day Wobert, Bride o’ Shrek, greetings from somewhere to your north. I occasionally get to Sydney, next time probably for the summer solstice (and less often to AdBrisMel). If someone gets as far as making a list of ‘Strayan Feringulites or proposing a time, let’s see what we can do.