This is actually a disappointment. I was sure that scienceblogging gave one lightning quick driving reflexes, phenomenal sexual performance, the powers of the anti-christ, and the ability to write perfect copy with the first draft, but this comic seems to be implying that scienceblogging only gives you an excuse for falling short in those areas. Of course, I already have all of those abilities even without the scienceblogging biz, so this comic must be referring to all those other bloggers. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll keep telling myself that.

(via Chris Rowan, who got it from aphantic)


  1. says

    It is funny how the original “aphanitic” became “aphanatic” in Chris Rowan’s post and then “aphantic” in this post!

    Maybe one of the comic strips should say: “you suck in spelling and/or copying and pasting! -it’s OK I am a scienceblogger” :-)

  2. says

    Well, being a comic artist, this strip ‘sucks’, It’s hard to read and the visuals don’t come across well. And of course, a ruler would have been nice;)



  3. Bob Munck says

    I like the fact that the professor figure in the fourth panel resembles the advisor in PhD Comics, even if the rest of the drawing is a crude imitation of xkcd.