1. Hank Fox says

    Tentacle porn makes it to Pharyngula!

    … Although the phrase “squishy liberal” also comes to mind.

  2. says

    Holy crap, my squid is on the front page of Pharyngula (for the moment)!

    Thanks, PZ.

    (You all realize that print is for sale, right? ‘Podmas is right around the corner…)

  3. Sven DiMIlo says

    If you stand way back and squint at it, it kind of looks like a googly-eyed johnson in a damp, bad suit. *shrug* I guess.

  4. Bride of Shrek says

    Its a penis in a suit! Its a penis in a suit!

    Conincidentally, the second one I’ve seen this week….and no, Dustin, that has nothing to so with Mr Shrek!

  5. Brian says

    Never mind the suit — I simply do not want to know where the rest of you have been seeing penises with two large eyes.

  6. Logicel says

    Moi, I thought that white circle with a black center situated near the right lower jaw was a stubby cigar!

    The bloke had a hard day at the office, unbuttoned his jacket, loosened his tie, slumped in a chair, and began chomping on a well deserved nicotine fix. However, I find his ‘hands’ to be more intriguing, hmmm.