1. mndarwinist says

    PZ, did you see the book on Ann Coulter that came out last year? The title is “Brainless”.

  2. carpy says

    Okay, so she was fishing for the craziest remarks, but that is still truly scary. Excellent song!

  3. DaveWash says

    Not put off by the subject…put off by the content. Could no listen to the whole thing.

    Do not want.

  4. Sven DiMilo says

    Since the last Coulter thread on Pharyngula, I made a horrifying discovery: she is a self-described “fan” of the Grateful Dead. Oh, this makes my got-on-the-bus-in-’79 stomach hurt just to type the words.
    She even gave an interview to on the subject, and fortunately it convinced me that she’s a post-’89 poser, not a True Scotsm Deadhead.
    The interview is here for the curious, paired with a shorter conversation with Al Franken (who has bona fides in the Dead dept.).

    The money-quote from Coulter: “I tend to associate the Dead with lacrosse players and my favorite fraternities, Fiji and Theta Delt.” (and if that’s not someone unclear on the concept, I don’t know what is).

    Franken, for contrast: “My favorite story is going to a concert at Winterland, and this happened sometime pretty early, like in ’74, ’73…I took [something], and there was a girl on top of a guy’s shoulders. Danced to the whole thing on top of the guy’s shoulders. I’m ashamed to say it, but I spent almost the entire concert looking at her breasts.” (now that’s more like it)

  5. Nick Sullivan says

    Hahaha, that song is brilliant.

    Must resist urge to hunt down the copy of “Godless” at the local library and leave a “disclaimer” in there…

  6. David says

    Pssht. The original vulgar Ann Coulter song is this one:

    (gotta say, though, that I prefer the studio version)

    (Postscript 2: This guy is incredibly talented and you should check out his other stuff)

  7. says

    Jeff: By amusing coincidence, I’ve just been listening to the Audiobook of “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie Wars”

    Henry Rollins plays a mercenary reminiscing about his short-lived job defending the Celebrity crowd from the Zombie Hordes, until the panicked people get there first seeking shelter. Some of the most memorable lines include bashing Bill Maher obliquely, and the last thing he sees as he bails on them all is:

    “That political talk show guy banging this leathery blond who’s supposed to be his political enemy. They were going at it like there was no tomorrow. And for them, there probably wasn’t.”

    I say it as a compliment that that’s not the most frightening mental image on the tape. Comes damn close though.

  8. jackd says

    Re Sven DiMilo #10:

    Of course Ann Coulter has favorite fraternities. I had to clean up a banquet hall after the Fijis got through with it – worst condition I saw the place in the two years I worked there.