DonorsChoose reminder

Hey, the freethinkers are doing well with the DonorsChoose challenge to support school teachers. We’re still a bit shy of our final goal, so if you want to help show that we godless folk can be charitable, loosen those wallets and kick in a few bucks.

And if you don’t like my chosen proposals, or you’d rather not back an openly and proudly god-free endorsement, browse the leaderboard and pick one of those other sciencebloggers’choices. They’re all good. Maybe not as good as mine, but they’re trying.


  1. KayI says

    146 donors for $16,000 means the average donation is over $100. But your donation doesn’t have to be big. If the other thousands of people who read this blog all sent in $1.00, the challenge would be completed. Come on, folks, skip Starbucks for a day and contribute to science education.

  2. Kagehi says

    Sorry, caught me in a bad month. No hours at the job and I am shelling out… probably $200 more a month right now than I am making. Even $1 means not having bus fair for work on Friday. lol

    Hate this time of year. Too early for the holidays and not near enough shoppers just buying essentials. :(

  3. SEF says

    If the other thousands of people who read this blog all sent in $1.00

    If they first have to move to the US then that’s probably more than the $100 average!

  4. says

    Heartless atheist that I am, I dropped a $50 on the Salmon in the Classroom project.

    Mmmmmm, Salmon. With a little olive oil and then throw them on the grill! Wait, what is the school going to be doing with the salmon?