New Sisyphean blog

Since I highlighted a new creationist blog yesterday (by the way, the author is now saying it was all a joke), let’s mention a new good guy today: Answers in Genesis BUSTED! The author is trying to expose the deceptions of various creationist claims. Good luck at that: they’re excreting the garbage faster than anyone can shovel it.


  1. Dustin says

    Also, the AiG goons are so dense when it comes to transition fossils that you could probably put a long-fin stickleback fish fossil next to a short-fin stickleback fish fossil, tell them one came from the other, show them how they came from different levels of the same formation to support that, and they’d still tell you that the two were unrelated.

    Still, I wish the author of the blog the best of luck.

  2. says

    Wow, you know, I deal quite often with people with crazy politics and/or religions. In fact, I have a neocon student in one of my classes this semester (it’s gonna be fun). But I never imagined how easy was to sound crazy AND convincing at the same time. My audience was intended to be less than 10 people, and then delete it after 5 posts or so, as I always do. Now I’m having fun, I think I’m gonna follow some of the pleas to continue and I’m going to develop some kookie alter ego. Who knows? Maybe I can get a book deal or a fellowship in the DI…THAT would be fun.

  3. Luca says

    I don’t really understand why evolutionary biologists spend so much time refuting all the garbage that comes out of the “creationist” non-sense. Don’t you have something more interesting to do? There is so much more to research/discover. You are spending precious time with these delusional people.

    Just because the internet is a free-speach podium and so much non-sense is regurgitated, it doesn’t mean we have to pay attention to everybody. Let’s just ignore them and focus on more fascinating things.

    If they really have something to say in science, they should follow the well tested methods of peer reviewed publications/research.

  4. Stingray says

    #6, you seem to have largely missed the point of “new atheism”.

    I’d also like to make the claim I thought it was obvious that other blog was a joke. I am a fan of kooky theories, and it’s impossible for anyone who believes the aliens-pyramids stuff to write without misspelling one in approximately every ten words.

  5. jackd says

    Luca (#6):

    Scientists in general have a responsibility for educating the public as well as doing research. The shame is that they have to waste so much time fighting aggressive misinformation campaigns by groups like Answers in Genesis and the Discovery Institute.