Grow up, loons

This kind of silliness happens with tedious frequency. I get email notifications that I’ve been signed up to receive tripe from conservative or religious or creationist jerks.

You are now signed up to receive Ann Coulter’s weekly column, Newt Gingrich’s Winning the Future newsletter, and Robert Novak’s Evans-Novak Political Report. On Fridays you’ll also receive the Weekly Wrap-Up, containing the top stories of the week from

You shouldn’t bother. Most of my email gets shunted through three layers of spam traps, and that kind of spam just gets blown away at first notice. It does mean that some legitimate communications get taken out behind the chemical sheds, too, but the spam dies swiftly and hard nowadays. You can stop wasting your time now.


  1. Aris says

    PZ, I don’t mean to make this a thread about SPAM, but would you mind sharing the three email layers you use? I filter mine through SpamAssassin and Gmail, but I could use more layers.

  2. Alric says

    I use spamarrest. Nothing gets through. False positives are a problem but I do a quick overview of the rejected mail.

  3. wildcardjack says

    Any site I know will result in spam gets my Yahoo email address. Which I never check.

  4. says

    I find that SpamAssassin on its own takes out anything that Gmail’s filters do – and then some. It’s a lottle slower than some other solutions, but I’ve quickly become a believer in its effectiveness.

    How ’bout a Church of the Flying SpamAssassin? :)

  5. AntonGarou says

    If they were interested in *not* wasting time they wouldn’t be trying to reconcile a 3,000 year-old creation with science, would they?

  6. Greg B says

    I’m trying to promote a new meme. This meme is :

    Ann Coulter is not a political analyst. She’s an insult comic and her shtick is liberal bashing.

    We need to get this meme out to the world. We need more people that just roll their eyes and wave her away saying “She’s just an insult comic. Her comments deserve no more respect than if Don Rickles called me a ‘Hockey Puck'”.

    The great thing is that it’s totally true. I mean, how can anyone with half a brain be that vile and hateful? It’s got to be an act. OK, even if she is that big of a spiteful b*tch then we still need to spread the meme so people stop taking her seriously.

    The world will be a better place when people are universally embarrassed at Ann Coulter.

  7. Bob Munck says

    It’s useful to own your own domain and register your spam filter chain as its postmaster. Then you can use different usernames with wild abandon whenever you register an email address, and they’ll all arrive at your spam filter with a unique identifier. For example, I long ago set phary a-t as my email address for this site. Now if PZ goes insane and begins selling his collection of email addresses to spammers, I’ll know who they’re coming from and also be able to block all incoming to that address.

  8. Dunc says

    Look on the bright side – whilst bulk email isn’t exactly expensive, it isn’t entirely free either, so they’re wasting someone’s money into the bargain…

  9. mojoandy says

    If “that kind of spam just gets blown away at first notice”, how did you get the notices in the first place, smart guy?


  10. Ross says

    Aww, I was going to say “Woot, V for Vendetta reference!” but I guess Beth beat me to it. Her geek-fu is superior. :)

  11. Chris R. says

    Hmmm, I only do this to email addresses that either try to phish me directly or phish through things like blog comments and forum posts :) Right-wing rhetoric is like the 9th Circle of Spam Hell.

  12. says

    Hm, I could use such filters. Mike Huckabee is spamming me! I have “” anonymous addresses, which I use for nearly everything on the Intertubes and rarely check, but my primary address is already on the series of tubes where everyone can get it, so it’s a bit too late to start with the anonymous throwaway mypacks addresses. (Incidentally, I have one for “good” sites like Pharyngula and another for “bad” sites like Free Conservatives or other loony boards.