Oh, no! Flashbacks!

It was one of those weekends. I really didn’t need Bora’s avant-garde camera work to add motion sickness on top of the painful auditory replay of … karaoke in New York. I am at least grateful that he didn’t record Razib’s unholy summoning of the slimy minions of the Great Old Ones.


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    When Razib took the mike, I suddenly felt I had to step outside for some clear, fresh NYC air. Thus, I managed to retain some of my sanity.

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    PZ, since you’re already (as they say) getting lawyered up, you might as well get a twofer. I suggest you immediately fire off a few threats to litigate if you are in any way associated with this event further, as it caused “considerable mental and emotional distress.”

    I hear, BTW, that should there be a trial, that Nick might be unavailable to help vette the case. Something about a Ph.D or sump’n. Go figure!