They should call it a squoodie


Really, Tikistitch finds the weirdest stuff, but I still think I want one. Even if it is rather impractical — in this part of the world, we seem to go from frolicking naked in the heat to requiring multiple layers of down and fabric to survive, so these items for in-between temperatures don’t see a lot of use.


  1. Brian says

    PZ, you should move to the coast, continental weather sounds crappy. Stikin’ hot, then freezin’ cold. You need the sea to moderate the weather and maybe to be closer the equator too. Then you can also can have long walks on the beach with your favorite headfoot while the sunsets…….Sweet headfoots, deep fried….

  2. Russ says

    If you need a rationalization, you could claim you are “layering.” i.e., wearing multiple layers of clothes so you can rapidly adjust to variations in body heat. Heard the term tossed around on backpacking trips all the time (way back when I used to backpack); embarrasingly enough, I don’t know how common it is outside of that circle.

  3. says

    Layering is a very common term in Minnesota. When you’re moving from -20°F exteriors to +70°F interiors all the time, it’s an important principle.

  4. says

    Here’s a local t-shirt etc maker that has a bit of a cephalod fixation:

    Aiiii! I did not need to see that. Baby octopi, so cuuuuute….

  5. says

    Silly, it’s for wearing indoors while you wait for the building’s heating system to catch up to weather temperature changes (or warm up after the weekend).

  6. says

    In between temperatures are really annoying. I hate when it is too warm to wear something on your arms but too cold for your ears. Wearing a hat and a t-shirt … something vaguely odd about that … but not as bad as trying to wear the hat just long enough so that your ears are warm enough but not too hot and so on.