1. says

    This one is so pretty that I, for one, welcome our new Cephalopod Overlords. She makes me want surgically implanted tentacles so I can take a Histioteuthis heretopsis for a wife. (Third time’s the charm, right?)

  2. says

    It looks like a huge strawberry with tentacles. Now I’ll have to check carefully to see if any of the berries in the bowl seem unusually mobile…

  3. llewelly says

    It looks like a huge strawberry with tentacles.

    And now you have learned the terrible truth: the strawberries that vanish from the garden, or even from your own bowl, they were not eaten by your human companions or other household animals – NO! They uncurled their stealthily hidden tentacles, and crawled off to seek the deep blue ocean, where they now plot Revenge … and World Domination.

  4. Bruce says

    PZ, I love these Friday squidlys. Is there anyway to embed a measuring device to give us a sense of scale? (Sometimes I wake up at night scared.)

  5. SEF says

    She(?) is exposing rather a lot of midriff there. Many tweenagers would be sent back to their rooms to cover up properly, rather than be allowed out looking like that.

  6. MikeM says

    I really hate to do this, because it seems like a “Can you top this?” move, but I ran across a Slender Loris picture in this month’s National Geographic.

    That’s one cute primate. Sadly, it’s endangered.

    The article was for an organization named Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE).

  7. jeffox backtrollin' says

    Indeed, very nice photo. It makes me hungry, but that’s because I haven’t had any decent calamari since I lived out east – back in the days when Kramer was QB. :)

  8. Melissa G says

    I, too, would like to cast my vote for an inclusion of scale. Doesn’t have to be exact, just an adult size range and a remark as to whether the individual pictured is a juvenile.

    When our Cephalopod Overlords take over the Earth, I don’t wanna get arrested for fantasizing about coupling with a minor. =D

  9. says

    Melissa G – .

    When the Overlords take their rightful place you really needn’t worry about being arrested. They will dispense with the niceties. They tend to deal with Undesirabes rather quickly. Who needs manacles when you have tentacles and a beak?